August 27, 2010

Rainbows and The Moon!

I was driving to an interview for pet sitting (which went fabulous by the way), and it was very gently quietly raining while the sun was out. I LOVE that kind of rain! I was even able to drive with the window down just to let a few rain drops inside. :) I love that too! As the rain started to slowly and quietly cease, as slowly and quietly as it came, I thought I saw what was a rainbow. It was in the sky and I could barely see the red and blue colors, but I knew it was there. I couldn't help but stare at it and hope that I could see more of it. As I passed it I looked back one last time, just to get a last glance as I turned a corner. Right as I turned the corner, I saw the other end of the rainbow and this time it was as bright and clear and beautiful as ever. It's amazing how when you know something is there, even though you can't quite see it, then as you go about you do see it as clear as day. I think this is possibly the most wonderful feeling. And yesterday, it was the most wonderful sight. I have not seen a rainbow as bold and colorful as this one. I couldn't help but smile. I smiled not only because I do love looking at rainbows and it was so bright, but also because I saw the other end of the rainbow, the other end of a rainbow that I could barely see just a few minutes before. During times when you are not sure if you can see something, but you can feel it maybe even see a piece of the picture but not clearly or fully, then it is still probably there and you will eventually see it and know it at the end. I am so happy I saw a rainbow. :)

By the time I was done interviewing and checking on one family of animals it was dark. I was pulling out of a long drive-way and to the left saw a bright orange light. As I looked closer I noticed that it was the moon! I love the moon. The moon and the stars are incredible to me. I just love looking up into the heavens and staring at those glowing objects staring back at me. When I was just a little girl, my mom "gave me the moon." I remember feeling like a princess when that happened. I have given the same moon to my daughters as well. They know it is theirs. When my husband is deployed we both look at the moon every night to think of each other, just as we did while our long distance friendship grew into ever lasting love. The moon is beautiful. I know it means a lot to many people. I couldn't imagine a night sky without a moon or stars, that would be pretty lonely. The orange moon gave me something to think about... how the moon has helped me in times of need.

Rainbows and The Moon are certainly one of the many blessings we have to look at, ponder and enjoy while we are living on this planet. I shall enjoy more blessings this weekend as our family and friends go camping... :)

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