September 11, 2010

Dress Shopping, Butterflies and Marriage

Two days before "The Air Force Ball" I went shopping for my semi-formal dress. I had no idea where to go let alone what to get. Yeah, I'm not the typical shopper and rarely step one toe into a mall. I am very simple and can shop at Wal-Mart or Target my whole life and feel like I hit the jackpot when I find a $5 T-shirt that fits me well and doesn't have ketchup stains or glue smeared on it. Yeah, I'm that kind of mom and gal. Well, I knew I would have to find something special for The Ball, so I packed all my four kids in my minivan in the middle of the day to go on a little shopping adventure.

First stop... Cato. Nothing there. The cashier told me to try Catherines and Lane Bryant.
So, Second stop... Catherines. Nothing but old lady dresses and they wouldn't let me mix and match a top with a dress. No Go.
Third stop... Lane Bryant (which is in the mall). Nothing there, why the heck did she even mention that place? I went ahead and asked the cashier and she directed me to Macy's, just one store over.
Fourth stop (and I was getting at wit's end trying to bribe the kids with snacks and treats and prizes if they were good and didn't play hide and seek in the clothes as I thumbed through the dresses)... Macy's. BINGO BINGO BINGO!
I give Macy's five high-fives! The sales clerk there was nothing but helpful.

I guess the lady could see the desperation, tiredness, and the patches of hair that I had been pulling out all day. She was very helpful. I told her where I was going and she started picking dresses off of racks two by two. She then led me to the dressing area and had me try on all of the dresses one by one. She made me show her all of the dresses (well, except two, I wouldn't let her see those, they were a bit too short). Each dress drew a compliment that made me smile and feel amazing regardless of how horrid the dress looked on me. Then, as I came to the second to last one I slipped it on with delight, because I knew it was the one. It felt wonderful and I felt like a Princess. I didn't care about the price tag for once. I felt young, beautiful, modest, thin, and sexy. The perfect "Little Black Dress." With the help from some stranger I fell in love with a dress for the very first time, literally. It was perfect.

Usually I do not like trying on clothes because I feel nothing but fat and bloated. This experience was actually pretty good considering the four kids that were playing sword fights in the dressing room. :) I felt so amazing that not only did I get my hair done but got my finger and toenails done too!

I have been seeing a lot of yellow butterflies lately. I've always liked butterflies but never had a particular favorite one. I think I've found it now. The yellow one. I don't know much about the names but I would like to learn more about them. I'm going to have to look them up on the internet or check out a book at the library. Those yellow wings just seem so graceful and they sneak up on you in the middle of nowhere. I love it.

This may sound strange, but I am thankful for the arguments and fights that Chris and I have every once in a while. We don't fight very much at all, but when it does happen we both learn something from it which draws us closer together in our relationship. It's a great way to learn about each others needs. The important part of any fight is apologizing and forgiving, which is a great way to accept one another as who they are yet also promise to try and be the best for one another at the same time. I love my marriage and the lessons I've learned from it.

As I think of it, marriage is a lot like dress shopping and yellow butterflies. It takes a lot of hard work and trying again and again but the end product is perfect for you. Sometimes the weakness in the knees and the flutter wings in the heart can catch you by surprise but it is the most wonderful feeling in the world just like the sight of a yellow butterfly floating by.

September 7th was our 9th wedding anniversary. We celebrated it early on a cruise ship which was a dream come true. Sometimes I wonder "Did we REALLY go to Jamaica by a cruise ship or was that just a dream?" I'm so happy to be spending my life with my best friend and amazing husband! I am so blessed.

Yeah, I feel like I'm rambling a lot this morning. Maybe it's because I know I have a busy day ahead... full of Bones, Crayons and Smiles!

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  1. Glad u found the perfect dress!! Its nice when strangers empathize with us, make you feel like your not the only one who understands it all. Not strange about the arguing... Its good to learn from each other, and hopefully never have that argument again. I love how you combined it all back to each other, your one smart cookie!

    Nina xx