September 03, 2010

Purple Tutu's and "Picking Up"

I have the most amazing children, but wouldn't every mother think that? Each of my four children have their own characteristics and although they are from the same parents (of course) they are all very different. We have a drama queen/artist. A competitive/perfectionist that strives to help everyone in need. A very friendly yet outspoken little girl (yet not so little anymore) who has more strength and courage than anyone I know. And last but not least, a little man who is full of curiosity and humor. Yes, as you can see, our home is full of daily adventures and laughs.

The dramatic artist (otherwise known as Harmony) loves to dress up. She has her own sense of style that only I wish I was brave enough to use! It's the cutest thing ever and reminds me a little bit of Pippy Longstocking. She mixes and matches to where it actually looks great on her! The other day she wore a purple tutu all day long. It was the cutest thing ever, to see her run around with a little tutu on her hips. I often wake up in the morning wondering what she will wear that day.

Just yesterday we were all hanging out in the living room with toys scattered on the floor. Harmony started carrying the toys out of the living room and this is how the conversation went...
Me: Harmony, are you cleaning up?
Harmony: No, I'm PICKING UP!
Me: Well isn't that the same thing?
Harmony: No, I'm just putting all the toys behind the chair.

Oh yes, there are thousands of reasons to smile in our home, as it's filled with four beautiful children. They are a blessing. They are amazing!

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