May 26, 2011

Challenges, Changes and The "Ah ha!" Moment

We all have challenges in our lives and every season or year a change comes around. I feel like the past 6 months I have been through several changes and a couple challenges.

Challenges are hard, but without them we wouldn't learn more about ourselves and become stronger.

My oldest daughter Liberty has been through several challenges since she's been born. She's had several surgeries that we can't even count them on two hands anymore. Her first surgery was her first day of life. She had a minor surgery on her stomach. Later at 15 months old she had surgery on her heart. We thought as a young family that it would be another minor surgery but boy were we wrong. Our whole world turned upside down. Our vibrant little girl had suffered a stroke during her heart surgery, which in turn led to many other major surgeries. I am very proud to say that she has recovered very well from it all and has over-come many of her personal challenges. She is so strong and courageous, and I cant say it enough! This last December our 8 year old girl went in for her last major surgery (crossing our fingers). This last surgery was on her head and the surgeon filled in a little hole that was in her skull (due to the stroke and surgeries afterwards). This a wonderful step for her as it allows her to do adventurous activities without worrying about getting hurt. But, this explains why I've taken a break from blogging for a long while. We knew the time was coming but as it got closer I found myself holding my breath. This indeed was a challenge for our whole family. We had to put our trust and faith in The Lord and in the doctors and surgeons who were over-seeing Liberty. While we had all the faith in the world we knew we had to prepare ourselves for the absolute worst. We are once again, happy to say that Liberty has healed very well and is doing more fabulous than she ever has! She is doing so well that we have some family adventures in mind (such as hiking) and we bought a trampoline and signed her up for dance class! She is an amazing little girl and she only deserves the very best! We are so happy that the surgery challenges are over!

Changes happen. Sometimes a new season comes and we want to change our living room or our schedule or our hair. Sometimes we control the changes and sometimes we don't. This is an over-look of what changes have happened.

I believe the challenges and changes can go hand in hand. While I was holding my breath and waiting for that surgery, I was also trying to find a way to not think about it all the time. I thought of a way. I decided to make my own business that I had originally thought was my own idea but there are actually quite a bit of small businesses with the same idea. I thought I would become a Pet Sitter and watch people's pets while they went on vacation. This business was a great idea as it brought another income into our home and it was helping me get my mind off of everything else. But as I got more clients I became busier and found myself over-whelmed. I knew I couldn't homeschool my four children and operate my small business. I chose to put Liberty, Noah, and Harmony into public school and focus my attention on Pet Sitting. While this has been a challenge it has also been an eye-opener to our family. We learned that the public school is really not "all that bad." We learned that our children were very smart and at the top of our class. We also learned that we all missed homeschool. Very recently, we started-up our homeschool activities again. Now, I've put the Pet Sitting on the back-burner. Although there is not a second income our family is much happier this way.

I believe that we all get the "Ah Ha!" Moment at times when we are faced with challenges and/or going through a change in our lives. You know, the moment when something just clicks or when we find something that we feel we were meant to do or when an idea comes to us. Those kind of moments. I am so thankful for my "Ah Ha" moment, for now I know what I am meant to do... Homeschool and I love it! Although we had to go through some challenges and changes to find this moment, we did get there. I know I would also like to still have my small business but that takes lots of patience, skill, practice, planning, and responsibility. I hope that one day I will be ready for Pet Sitting and Homeschooling, and I do see it coming just around the corner... It's coming but I will never forget my moment and will now and forever remember the importance of homeschooling in our family at this time.

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