September 12, 2011

Ten Amazing Years

Ten years ago me and my husband were married in the Riveria Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas.

People have asked us "How do you do it?" I don't think we really have an answer. Why is it that we still feel completely in love with one another, even more-so than in the beginning of our relationship? I'm not sure. I do know that we keep each other high on the priority list. We communicate well and trust one another. We remember the little things and we continue to do the little things. We keep our love life sparked as we continue dating. I don't think there is just one thing that keeps our love strong, it's a continuous work that involves apologizing and forgiving and being selfless.

Who would've thought that a couple teenagers talking on the internet could become so involved with one another? Who would've thought that we would be married at the age of 19 and 18? It sounds like a love story out of a novel. Sometimes it is still surreal as I don't know exactly how we found each other in a world filled with other options. I know I found my soul mate and for that I'm grateful.

Our ten years together have been filled with several challenges. We've experienced a serious illness, life threatening surgeries and physical/learning disability with our oldest daughter. We've experienced 3 deployments which involved Chris traveling through dangerous areas. We've experienced financial problems, alcoholism, trust issues and times when we've had to search and heal from our childhood traumas. We recently experienced a loss of an unborn child. One common thing that is found during these challenges is that we have always leaned and clung onto one another. We find strength in the other which leads us to believe that everything will be okay and we can get through it together. We know there will be more challenges, but at least we have each other to get through them together.

Our ten years together have also been filled with wonderful memories. We've been able to go to the temple. We've been able to have four beautiful children. We've traveled the world together, learned several things together and been extremely blessed in the time of need through our Heavenly Father. On paper it may look like there has been more challenges than blessings and good memories but that is untrue. The blessings and good memories have outweighed the challenges several times more.

It's nice to know that I have a husband whom is my best friend, lover, companion to have during the extremely bad times in life to the extremely good times in life. I wouldn't want anyone else by my side. I hope I will be blessed to have him by my side for many more years.

This Poem is for you Chris although I'm not a poet whatsoever!
Happy Anniversary!

From the time I saw my first firefly to the time I found my first grey hair

From the time I saw your eyes to the times I see you in our child's eyes

From the time we said our first "hello" to our last "goodnight"

From now until the end of time I have and will always love you for who you are

From now until forever you are my everything and I am yours for Eternity

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