February 23, 2012

Motivation Book

Over the past few years I've made and added to a motivation book. It seems as though I take it out and look at it and add to it when I want to and then secretly put it aside and pretend I don't even know about it when I slip up and start eating junk and being lazy again. Well, it's out again and hopefully it will stay in the open. I got the idea of a motivation book from sparkpeople.com.

Motivation Book

Through-out it there are pictures of things, clothes, people, healthy food, words, sayings and etc that I've found in magazines that describe the inner me.




Progress (weight and measurements)

What I would like to do

Why I want to lose weight

List of what happiness is (not food)

What I'm going to do when I'm bored (that is mostly active and does not involve eating)

Articles that I've found from websites and magazines

Exercises from magazines



Lyrics to songs that are motivational and insipiring

Notes from books

Food Journal to keep track of everything I eat

Exercise Minutes

I plan on adding a list of songs (title/artist that are upbeat for exercising)

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