February 21, 2012

Week 1

I'm doing something different that I have never done before, in hopes that it will help with my weight loss journey. I'm blogging about it to the world. Yes, I am going to be sharing my weight and my honest up's and down's to family, friends and strangers. Why? Because I'm done with denial. I'm done thinking that "I'm not THAT big" or "My weight doesn't really matter, it's the inside that counts." I'm done with all of that and ready to strive to be a healthy person so I can in turn give better care to my family. The best way for me to do better is to share what I'm doing and write it down. Call me OCD but I love making lists and checking them off. I'm really hoping that this in fact will help and if it does then it'd make a good book/blog! I also want others to know that they can reach their goals as well. If I can do it, anyone can! Some people would call this courage, others stupidity, others pride, but I call it getting things done!

Every week I will post 15 "measuring up" activities and rank them 1-5 and also track my weight, BMI scale, minutes exercised and moving, measurements and sometimes a picture. This is my first week doing the measurements and I have 42 weeks to drop 80 pounds.

The Ratings:
1- What happened? Just do it already!
2- I can do a lot better
3- I can do better
4- Doing good, Keep it up!
5- Check! AWESOME! (because I like the word AWESOME)

Watch what I eat (Eat for FUEL)- 2

Watch my servings (1 cup of cereal not 2)- 3

Only healthy snacks (most of the time)- 2

64 oz of Water Daily (I need watered just like a flower!)- 3

1 hour of exercise (at least) M-F- 3

Move More (do more than just sit on my butt)- 2

Family Fitness (hikes and sports) - 3

Take care of myself (hygiene, vitamins, medical)- 2

Calm Down (take it easy = less stress)- 4

ME time! (reading, bubble bath, friends, crafts)- 2

7 hours of sleep (sleep gives you wings, not red bull)- 4

Use time wisely (finding balance to work and play and limiting internet time)- 1

Find my information and motivation (learn and share more)- 2

Read Scriptures Daily (it's the best "meditation" and brightens my day)- 3

Personal Prayer Daily (I am not in it alone and am thankful for my life)- 2

Weight- 239 (my heaviest which wasn't too long ago was 242)
BMI Scale for my height and weight- 42 ("extreme obesity")
Thighs- Just a wee bit over 29 inches
Tummy- 49 inches
Hips- 51 inches
Arms- 17 inches
Minutes Exercised- 3 hours and 15 minutes
Minutes Moved (family activities, cleaning, other stuff)- 2 hours that I can really remember but will do a better job tracking for next week.

This is only the beginning and I can't wait to watch these numbers go down down down!


  1. Good job! :D Eat a rainbow a day and you won't need to take man made vitamins that really don't get absorbed into your body anyway... How do you check your BMI scale? Try switching to brown rice and whole wheat flour for everything too, that does miracles! Remember, it IS POSSIBLE! Activity is very important and you are doing great! Sweat it out!! I love sweating! I just think it's all my nasty fat I'm sweating out! Makes me work out harder ;P. I'm excited for you!

  2. Thanks Jannette, for all of the encouragement! I like sweating too! :) I got the BMI scale from a book I have. It's from the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute.