March 09, 2012

Donating my Fat!

I got this idea from one of my favorite websites, I have tried doing it before and I never reached my goal but I'm back on the boat and ready to succeed this time!

This is great motivation by feeding the hungry! The pounds you lose during your weight loss journey is donated by pounds of food to those in need. My hopes are to donate 80 pounds of food to an organization. This is not a one time donation since I plan on keeping the weight off. So every year I'll donate the same amount, as long as I stay the same weight.

When I think of all the people that are starving, it's easy to stop going back for seconds or making a double serving. When I think of all the food that I have eaten over the years and and how the food could've fed a family for days, it makes me feel guilty. I'm guilty for overeating and at times only thinking about myself. I usually eat while I feel an emotion of happy, angry or sad. Well, it's time to STOP that! There are healthier ways to feed my emotions that do not involve food. I need to stop feeding my emotions and start thinking about others who may NEED that food. There are people who need the food that I ate over the years.

Each week I am putting aside the pounds of food that I lose off my body. As I watch the cans and bags of food build up it's SO motivating to see not only what is coming off of me but what is going to be given to someone else!

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