May 03, 2012

317 At Home Date Nights

I've been cruising Pinterest and have come to the conclusion that I should have never stopped blogging, since most ideas come from very creative blogs! I used to be a blogaholic about five years ago and would capture and share just about everything. I've always loved writing so blogging was just my "cup of tea." I'd like to try and blog again and get those creative juices flowing again.

So what to blog and share? Well, something I am extremely passionate about is my marriage. I love my husband a whole lot! So... How 'bout At Home Date Nights! Money is tight in almost every home these days. My husband and I used to enjoy our date nights out on the town and be able to pay our babysitter a reasonable bit. However, we can't afford a sitter or a dinner and a movie. At Home Date Nights are clever ways to spend time together and get to know each other even more. I've collected a list over the years with lots and lots of date night ideas that consist of even more than eating and staring at a screen, so today I'll share those ideas I have found or come up with that can be done in the comfort of your own home while the kids are fast asleep. The idea is to just do ANYTHING with the keyword... TOGETHER! Oh, and hey, it's okay to send the kids to bed early! ;) Yes, some are very silly and you could probably imagine doing them with your younger children but not your spouse and some might make a blush a little BUT I guarantee that it will be fun and a time that you won't forget! You may need to plan ahead for some. These are simple ideas and can be added to with more thought and imagination. Enjoy them every night or once or twice a week! You could print out the ideas into strips of paper and take turns drawing to see what you will do next.
Have fun!

1 Cook a favorite meal together and dine in.

2 Cook a NEW meal together and dine in.

3 The wife teaches the husband what she knows. (such as crafts or cleaning tips)

4 The husband teaches the wife what he knows. (such as video games or auto tips)

5 Play 20 questions. Try to ask very thought provoking questions.

6 Roast marshmallows and sing camp songs. Don't forget to play Chubby Bunny!

7 Play Twister, Hokey Pokey, Simon Says and Red Light... Naked.

8 Make a tent in the living room or put up a tent in the backyard and tell some scary stories. You could even check out a book with short scary stories.

9 Paint a Picture. If you aren't very good, there are paint by numbers available at the local craft store. You can use the painting to decorate your home or give as a gift or donate it to a good cause such as a retirement home.

10 Make a dessert together and don't forget to decorate!

11 Write a story together. Take turns writing for 5 minutes each.

12 Have a picnic inside and listen to an inspirational speaker. If you are LDS you could listen to General Conference Talks or you could look up inspirational speeches and listen off of youtube or a video from the library such as the MLK speech.

13 Make an infomercial.

14 Make your own music video.

15 Make a movie.

16 Play strip something...

17 Keep a joint journal.

18 Play name that tune.

19 Take a free internet course online together. There are several out there just google them and learn together!

20 Learn a new language together. It could be a free course together or a computer program you purchase or from books from the library.

21 Pick up books that interest you from the library and learn about that subject together. Maybe feng shui, stock market, china, politics, nutrition, whatever you want to learn about!

22 Build with blocks or legos. Who can build the tallest or the fanciest?

23 Visit a foreign country by having music and food from that particular country. You can check out CD's at the library to help you along. Also books for recipes. Or you could order in the food. Learn a few words while you're at it. You can do this with many different countries.

24 Wash, Set, and Style each others hair.

25 Learn to dance a particular dance. Swing, Tango, Ballroom, Belly Dance, Line Dance, anything! You can check out a few different videos from your local library or look up on youtube.

26 Make love without hands.

27 Make love in the dark in complete silence.

28 Make love with the lights on.

29 Make thank you cards for each other.

30 Exercise together! Find exercises from or any other site that offers free exercise videos.

31 Do Zumba together, using a video.

32 Learn Yoga together, using a video.

33 Learn karate together, using a video.

34 Do exercises like p90x or insanity.

35 Make a gingerbread house together even if it's not Christmas.

36 Create your own music using odd objects and record your sounds.

37 Get creative with temporary tattoos.

38 Pretend you're running for office and search out some facts about current issues and give your solution. Have a closing statement. Have a debate or answer questions from the "audience." Video Tape!

39 Learn Morse Code and send messages to each other.

40 Learn sign language.

41 Learn Braille.

42 Compile an entertainment guide together. Collect ideas from newspaper, internet and magazines. It'll give you ideas of where to go in town as a date or as a family.

43 Watch the stars and try to find constellations.

44 Have a decade party from the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's. Have music from that decade and try to dress your part. Have a dance or watch some episodes or award winning movies from that time and eat the popular candy from "back then."

45 Finger Paint!

46 Tye Dye shirts or decorate shirts any way you'd like. You could even make some for the kids!

47 Make papermache.

48 Sculpt with clay.

49 Face Paint!

50 Find an art project from a local art store.

51 DIY project! Do something that needs to be done around the house such as painting, building, etc.

52 Have a board game night. Who will win the most games? What will the bet be?

53 Have a lemonade stand together, later at night. Keep in mind, you may end up drinking it all yourselves. But sitting outside on your front porch, gets some fresh air and good conversation.

54 Karaoke Night. Sing to each other.

55 Wrestle in baby oil, especially fun if done on a waterbed mattress.

56 Have a movie marathon. Watching all the superman, harry potters, or etc.

57 Watch a movie and make a quiz for each other while watching it, seeing if the other person will remember certain quotes or facts about the characters.

58 Watch your favorite movie that you had as a child.

59 Experiment with a science project. There are tons of ideas online!

60 Play video games and keep your high scores.

61 Find a computer game to play together.

62 Play childhood games and eat your favorite childhood candy. Play hopscotch, jump rope, hula hoop, cops and robbers, 2 square, hide and see, etc.

63 Make up a dance together.

64 Swing on the porch swing together. If you don't have one, get one!

65 Make up a puppet show to put on for your kids.

66 Have fun with ice! Write short love notes to each other to freeze into ice cubes. Melt the ice by rubbing on each others bodies and then read them.

67 Plan a family vacation.

68 Watch a sports program on t.v. Wear the colors, paint your faces, and make signs for it!

69 Give each other a massage in candle light. Learn techniques.

70 Make your own putt putt golf course inside.

71 If you have a trampoline, go play on it!

72 Plan a birthday party together.

73 Plan a family home evening together or family night.

74 Prepare your lesson/talk for church together.

75 Read the scriptures together and discuss and try to memorize some verses.

76 Have a card game night! Rummy, Poker, Black Jack, Hearts, etc.

77 Play Dominos, Checkers, Chess, or some other logical game.

78 Have fun with whip cream, honey, syrup, chocolate sauce or pudding.

79 Time each other doing mind puzzles such as crossword, word search or suduko to see who can accomplish a puzzle fastest or try to beat your own time. There are tons of cheap puzzle books out there!

80 Make Candles

81 Put a puzzle together.

82 Have your very own couple book club! Read and discuss together.

83 Have a cartoon marathon and eat your favorite cereal!

84 Have fun with fondue!

85 Have a lual. Play limbo, eat Hawaiian food, listen to beach music, wear the part, get a beach ball and play catch, use your imagination!

86 Write poetry together.

87 Read poetry together.

88 Have a hugs and kisses party with the candy and different games consisting of hugging and kissing.

89 Make homemade ice cream, then make your very own banana split.

90 Have a fashion show and dress up.

91 Make a collage out of magazines that describe your personality and dreams.

92 Organize family photos together.

93 Look through a family album together.

94 Play charades.

95 Play pictionary.

96 Learn how to draw together. If you don't already know.

97 Have a toga party. Dinner served with pillows on the floor and grapes as an appetizer.

98 Sketch your backyard, front yard, or a scene from a window the best that you can.

99 Share what you are thankful for.

100 Color a whole coloring book together.

101 Watch lady and the tramp and eat spaghetti. You can do this with any movie... eat the food that is in the movie.

102 Make some hot chocolate and have some animal crackers handy. Read fiary tale stories together.

103 Spring clean a certain room in the house.

104 Make a time capsule and bury it.

105 Read a play without rehearsal.

106 Celebrate another countries holiday. Have appropriate food, decoration and entertainment.

107 Celebrate a strange holiday such as national popcorn day. Google strange holidays for ideas.

108 Find a charity or a cause that you are passionate about and brainstorm ideas as to what you can do to help and put the dates on the calendar.

109 Make little gifts to give to a nursing home or children in hospitals.

110 Make a meal or some goodies together to take to a sick friend or deliver to a neighbor just as a "I'm thinking about you."

111 See how long you can kiss each other.

112 Tickle each other with a feather, like a feather massage.

113 Take turns rubbing each others feet and then hands.

114 Write a children's story and illustrate it, then donate it or give it to your own kids.

115 Plan a treasure hunt for the kids in the morning.

116 Write to your kids, in a journal. Write about what they are like right now, their favorites and your favorite memories of them. Continue to write in it together.

117 Use handcuffs or rope.

118 Play broom stick hockey in your home.

119 Each person fills balloons with action words such as pinch butt, bite neck, nibble ear, kiss toes. Blow up the balloons with an action in each balloon. Pop the other persons balloons by stomping or sitting on it then doing what the note says.

120 Play horse shoes, you can get an expensive set.

121 Play "don't let the balloon touch the floor."

122 Put together and play a bean bag toss.

123 Get some gossip magazines and laugh at the funny stories together.

124 Try a new food together.

125 Play sword fight with foam swords.

126 Make your own recipe.

127 Catch up together on the current events... read online about certain subjects, watch the news, read TIME or any other magazine.

128 Put together a budget if you haven't already. And eat those gold coins or a 100 grand to make it a sweet subject.

129 Write a list of the top 20 reasons why you love your spouse and share the list to each other. You could even frame the lists.

130 Spend time finding interesting and fun things to take pictures of around the house. Make sure your partner is in several of the pictures and you are too. You can get as silly as you'd like. On a different date or the same you can make a collage of your pictures or a 12 month calendar.

131 Have a wii competition

132 Have the wife plan a favorites date for the husband. Pick things that your husband loves. Wear his favorite color, make his favorite dinner, do an activity he enjoys, watch his favorite movie while you munch on his favorite candy and drink.

133 Have the husband plan a favorites date for the wife. pick things that your wife loves. Wear her favorite color, make her favorite dinner, do an activity she enjoys, watch her favorite movie while you much on her favorite candy and drink.

134 Pick a movie from your movie collection or from the video store with your eyes closed.

135 Watch a movie without sound and make your own script.

136 Have a picnic on top of your roof and watch the stars.

137 Create thank you cards for someone in the community such as military, fire department, or even the post office.

138 Make cards for friends and family or just send them out.

139 Put together a model car.

140 Make a wood project.

141 Garden... pick weeds.

142 Make a book out of pictures from a magazine, make your own captures for the book.

143 Write the story of how you met and get it printed and bound.

144 Take an IQ test together, this can be found online.

145 Have a competition making the most elaborate cardboard box car. Then "drive" the "cars" into the living room and watch a movie.

146 Listen to different genres of music. Reggae, Classical, Folk, Country, Rock, etc. Pick which genre you want to study that night then pick a different one the next date night.

147 Just talk over candlelight or by a warm fire. Snuggle and enjoy each other.

148 Have an ice cream sculpting contest.

149 Watch a documentary and discuss your feelings and thoughts.

150 Throw a prom. Decorate the part and dress the part. Be sure to get food music and get ready to dance the night away.

151 Write love letters to each other. Agree to open them in a week, month, or year.

152 Brain storm together and make a list of more date ideas.

153 Learn more about your faith/religion together using your church magazines or books from sunday school or any other church books. Pick a subject within your religion that you'd like to know more about and study it together. Kinda like having a couples FHE.

154 Write in your own journals together.

155 Do some Genealogy/Family History and see where your family is from.

156 Make a list of things that make you happy.

157 Learn how to play a musical instrument together and practice.

158 Try to memorize dates of special events or other fun facts such as presidents, capitals, commandments, articles of faith and etc.

159 What would your dream vacation be? Plan it and maybe someday it will happen!

160 Sketch your dream house together.

161 Write a couple's song/love song together

162 Write a family newsletter together to send out to family and friends.

163 Study art together. Look up famous works of art and try to remember the artists and their styles.

164 Study church pictures together such as temples or pictures of prophets and try to remember which is which.

165 Discuss upcoming events, doctor appointments, to-do lists, and etc.

166 Learn how to read music.

167 Learn lyrics to a song.

168 Take the night to pamper your pet. Play fetch, give lots of belly rubs, make homemade treats, etc. If you don't have a pet consider adopting one from a shelter.

169 Two words: Prank Call

170 Try to take each night to watch a movie that won the best picture and try to watch all of them.

171 Take a bubble bath together.

172 Make a special gift for the kids when they wake up just to show how much mommy and daddy love them.

173 Watch all the episodes of a favorite show. netflix is good for this.

174 Have a naked night and do everything naked together. Baking is always fun.

175 Go to bed early and have lots of pillow talk.

176 Have a serious photo shoot. Taking pictures of each other dressed up nicely and in nice poses.

177 Have fun with body paint and then soap each other up in the shower.

178 Fill a kiddie pool up with Jell-o and have a blast.

179 Visit a zoo or museum virtually using video and books.

180 Make a bracelet, necklace, or keychain... kinda like friendship bracelets but I guess you could call it love bracelets. Make sure you wear them every day.

181 Google search most romantic movies and watch them!

182 Have a western night and watch a western and eat western food and do western activities.

183 Watch a foreign film.

184 Learn how to say I love you in lots of different languages. You may need to make flashcards.

185 Put a playlist of music together to use at certain times, maybe a list for love making, exercising, family road trips, and etc.

186 Find love quotes together and collect your favorites and try to memorize them.

187 Make a card, toy, gift for a child on

188 Share your personal goals with each other and make a goal folder filled with articles to help you, quotes to motivate you, a chart, and etc. Remember to support one another every day.

189 Listen to an audio book.

190 Make your own radio show. Maybe something that the kids could listen to.

191 Watch the sunset and/or sunrise.

192 Find out what your favorite is... taste test different salad dressings, candy bars, nuts, cheeses, etc.

193 Learn CPR together.

194 Write an essay/article and submit it to your local newspaper or magazine.

195 Watch a movie in your car to pretend you are at a drive-thru... be sure to sneak in lots of smooches.

196 Browse through to get some inspiration on community service projects and volunteer ideas.

197 If you don't already have a pet name for each other, make one!

198 Role play! Pretend you are indians, cavemen, or whatever. Don't be shy.

199 Plan a healthy menu together for the next week.

200 Play with playdoh.

201 Read a couples book together and study it. I liked "The five love languages"

202 Read a parenting book together and study it. I liked "Teaching your children joy"

203 Get hands-on! Play thumb war, arm wrestling, and slap hands and end with a tickle fight.

204 Blind fold taste test.

205 Play Jacks, Marbles, Pick-up sticks!

206 Take a walk if your kids are old enough to stay home alone

207 Decorate your bedroom to make it more romantic

208 Make homemade gifts for each other and then give them to each other.

209 Join an online club together.

210 Look at your wedding album and make one if you haven't already.

211 Lingerie Night.

212 Have bowling at home! Use objects around the house!

213 Sidewalk chalk! Play hopscotch, write love notes, or draw silly pictures for the kids the next day.

214 Have a glow in the dark party!

215 Watch The Newlyweds Game and see if you can answer the questions.

216 Wash the car together.

217 Quiz each other on things that happened, it's a great way to recollect all your memories of each other.

218 Make and put out a gift for someone least expecting it, like the garbage man.

219 Plan a block party together to make new friends.

220 Have new friends over and have a board game night or another date idea.

221 Put up a teather ball and play.

222 Watch a History, Discovery or NGC show and quiz each other at the end of it.

223 Learn how to entertain your kids by learning shadow puppets, balloon art or magic tricks.

224 Learn origami

225 Learn a different hobby to do together.

226 Start a collection together. To start you could go through all your coins and make a coin collection.

227 Study law and crime or just research the funny laws some states have.

228 Solve a mystery either in a book, movie, or current event.

229 Have a water fight with water guns, water balloons, buckets and hoses.

230 Go to the dollar store before the night begins and pick $5 worth of stuff to do that night. Use your imagination!

231 Learn Etiquette.

232 Shower together only with candlelight.

233 Have a "no electronic week" and find things to do that don't involve electricity (you choose if you want lights to work or not).

234 Research what you would do if you really did win a million dollars. It's okay to dream. ;)

235 Help each other with a work project or school project.

236 Make and study a timeline together, to learn more about history. Watch movies, read books, have food, and do research on different time eras.

237 Make plaster paris hand prints of each others hands.

238 Research on your favorite animal.

239 While you watch your regular show for the night, have fun with it. Whenever someone says love kiss each other, during the commercials jog, or if one team scores during a sporting even then one person has to give the other one a backrub. Have fun with it.

240 Hold hands all night long, yes even to the restroom!

241 Play pogs from the 90's or beyblades from today's youth.

242 Discuss any problems you may be having, even from work. Maybe you can think of a solution together.

243 Play volleyball.

244 Play basketball.

245 Play air hockey on the kitchen table... make it work.

246 Study auras, palm reading, astrological signs or dream meanings just for fun.

247 Discuss things that happened in your life that changed or helped support who you are and how you think.

248 Act like it's your first date. Re-enact.

249 Learn human anatomy by using post it notes on each others body.

250 Give each other a manicure/pedicure... okay, let the guy do it to the lady. Nail polish and all.

251 Study movie quotes and guess what movies the quotes are from.

252 Watch a tear jerker... a good cry is good.

253 Read a nutrition book together and implement it in your lives.

254 Make flashcards on a subject to remember during a hike such as trees, insects, plants, etc.

255 Plan the hike.

256 Make a first aid kit.

257 Wrap birthday presents.

258 Watch the olympics. The more you celebrate it and get into it the better!

259 Decorate matching baseball caps.

260 Study vocabulary and try to use the words on a daily basis.

261 Take turns kissing each other all over.

262 Skim finger over the phone book with eyes closed to pick the restaurant to try. If they don't deliver one of you can go pick it up to go.

263 Serve regular dinner but with candles and music.

264 Make a list of favorite love songs and watch their music videos.

265 Watch an already recorded concert and rock out together!

266 Keep a moon journal or just take time to look at the moon that night.

267 Share past journals from childhood or share favorite childhood memories.

268 Grab 3 objects in the house and make fun with them.

269 See how many push-ups, crunches, lunges, or how long/fast you can go on a stationary bike, treadmill... keep a log and try to beat your own time. Do it together and cheer on each other.

270 Have a discussion about sex. What you do/don't like.

271 Plan a treasure hunt for your partner. Take turns doing it.

272 Have a silent night. No talking allowed!

273 Blow up as many balloons as possible! See the kids reactions in the morning!

274 Play with the kids toys... barbies, cars, train, action figures.

275 Write letters on each others back and try to guess what the letter is. Take it a step further and write sentences.

276 Have fun with an at home copier.

277 Have an Easter egg hunt even when it's not Easter. Hide the eggs filled with love notes or romance coupons. Take turns.

278 Make a code word for "let's get it on" if you don't already have one. Then get it on.

279 Draw each other. Silhouette or still drawing.

280 Lay in a hammock together and daydream.

281 Read your own book or magazine and then come together and talk about it.

282 Listen to recorded nature sounds with eyes closed and snuggled up.

283 Watch a game show like jeopardy or wheel of fortune and try to guess the answers. Winner should get something.

284 Play minute to win it, in your own way.

285 Make a list on how you can be a better spouse.

286 Read short love stories.

287 Read or watch speeches on marriage. General Conference is a great place to find them.

288 Eat T.V. Dinners with candlelight.

289 Decorate the backyard with white christmas lights and enjoy a place to hang out at night.

290 Act like BFF's and share secrets and day to day stuff.

291 Watch an opera in the comfort of your own home.

292 Create your own romantic board game using monopoly, candy land or jenga or start from scratch together. Then play.

293 Play soccer.

294 Keep a map with stars on it, telling where you would like to go one day. Research the most romantic places.

295 Take a virtual trip to the places you'd like to go until you can get there. Watch videos, listen to music, eat food from there.

296 Carve a pumpkin even if it's not Halloween or watermelon with hearts.

297 Make ornaments together to put on the Christmas tree when Christmas rolls around.

298 Fill your house with candles and rose petals.

299 Blow bubbles.

300 Decorate/Make your own pajamas.

301 Watch the golden globe/academy awards together and dress the part! Good reason to dress up.

302 Watch a debate and discuss.

301 Grow and Design Bonsai trees.

302 Make the most gentle love ever.

303 Explore aphrodisiacs together, such as oysters.

304 Talk on walkie talkies in separate rooms.

305 Have a themed night such as "I'm nuts for you" and serve different nuts

306 or have a "I'm hot for you" and serve different spicy foods or hot sauces

307 or an "I knead you" night and make bread together.

308 Make love in a different room.

309 Make love in a different position.

310 Create your own holiday such as wife/husband appreciation day or celebrate the day you first met.

311 Plan a certain thing for each day of the week. Such as Fun Friday or Romance Thursday.

312 Try aromatherapy together.

313 Get different samples of different colognes/perfumes and find your favorite one.

314 Dress each other up for Halloween, even if it's not Halloween.

315 It's it's raining... go dancing in it. If it's not, still go outside and dance.

316 Play catch

317 Read comic books together or the Sunday comics, keeping a book of your favorite ones.

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