May 31, 2012

Bad Dream Blues, Clean Car, Grocery Budget

Our Beautiful Children!

Bad Dream Blues

I woke up at 1:30 with a crying boy at my side. Noah has been having bad dreams for about 8 months now. It happens at least three times a month. We have tried everything from a father's priesthood blessing, prayer, talking about it, rubbing the back, new bedtime routine, music through-out the night, night light, everything! Let me just say that I freakin' HATE that stupid movie Coraline! That movie started the whole thing and it has broke my heart. Well, last night I did something different. After trying to go back to sleep with him at my side and knowing that it wasn't working I decided to take him to the kitchen for a snack. He drank some milk and ate a peanut butter cliff bar. While he ate we talked about his dream. I then had him write down anything he wanted on a piece of paper about his dream. He happened to write "My bad dreams are dumb!" I loved it. I then asked him to crumple up the piece of paper, stomp on it, put water on it to make the marker go away, tear it up and then I took him outside and had him throw the ruined piece of paper over our backyard fence. (I picked them up today and told him to never do this again because it IS littering) He threw it over the fence and yelled "Go away bad dreams!" Then we went back inside, finished his snack and talked about what we'll be doing the next couple of days. Then, we went back to bed and read "The Friend" magazine as we drifted off to sleep together. Then, at 3:45 my other little boy came and crawled into bed with us too. Let's just say it was a long night and I'm tired but I'm so happy to know that my children (especially my boys) know that they can always come to me for anything. I hope they will always remember that. I will stand beside them forever. I've also decided that I will not only try to go to sleep earlier tonight because I am so tired but I will start giving "fairies" out before bed again. I quit doing it because I wanted the kids to experience prayer before bed not "fairies." But I think in the end, it doesn't really matter and I'm sure Heavenly Father enjoys imagination too and understands. So, my kids will be putting imaginary "fairies" that I happen to catch in midair, under the pillows for good dreams. I think it will help. Fingers crossed!


Our car is the cleanest that it has been in NINE YEARS!

SEE! It's CLEAN! ANNNNND... NEW!!! (Well, used but New to us!)

So, Why did we get rid of our Honda Odyssey Minivan for this Honda Pilot?
Because our transmission went out and would've cost us an arm and a leg. So we decided to put a head in there too and get a full coverage warranty for 3 years, less miles, not one but TWO extra seats, four wheel drive, four manual doors (because we were sick and tired of the electric doors breaking and freezing shut)and a couple years newer model. It was something that needed to be done because our minivan was just getting too old and having way too many problems and our warranty ran out. So, we thought this would be the best thing for our family. So here are more pictures! We really like it!

I'm a big fan for storage spots!

A secret hiding spot! SHHHH!

More Storage!

DVD player for those long road trips!

Second Row!

More storage if no one is sitting there! TAH DAH!

Third Row Seats... Look! We can fit one more person!

The outside!

Grocery Budget

With a family of six we have had a pretty high grocery bill. We usually spend a little over $200 a week. Now, this does usually include the cleaning supplies and any school supplies we need as well. I'll be honest and say that while I do look for the cheaper prices I am also very lenient and willing to get whatever looks good at that moment. However, after Chris and I sat down a couple days ago (before we bought the vehicle) we decided that we (or I) can no longer do that. Thursdays are our Grocery Days and I am proud to say that for the first time in a LONG time I only spent $111 on groceries today! YES! I saved a whopping 100 bucks today! I got what was on sale and went to two different stores to find the best deal. Next time I will go in the store with COUPONS in hand. Yes, coupons. I will be using coupons from now on! I am so excited to be on a mission of saving money for our family so we can get out of this debt hole!

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