May 14, 2012

Family Update: County Fair, Pokemon Party, Folk Festival

Oh the things our family has been up to!

Not too long ago we went to the county fair. It presented some good discussion about farming, farm animals, tigers (from the tiger show), and lots of fun! It wasn't cheap so we kept it very simple. Each child got to pick a ride, we went to a few shows and experienced some fair food. They didn't seem to mind the "one ride per child" rule. They were just super happy to experience it all! We had a great time!

Our now seven year old daughter loves to do art and plan parties. She has planned several different parties in which she decorates, leads a craft, reads a story and plays games. She is really good at it. This month we had a pokemon party and she even made masks for us this time!

I think it is very important to expose children to different cultures, food, music and people. I think it teaches them how to respect everyone no matter what race or religion they are. I try to participate in events in which these learning experiences are available, so we went to the Folk Festival! It was a neat experience in which we had lots of musical conversations. We talked about what instruments were being played, what kind of instruments they were, the lyrics of songs, the beat, rhyme, high/low pitch and slow/fast tempo, our favorite performances and why and what instruments we would like to learn how to play. While it was very HOT we still made it work and it ended up being a very educational Saturday morning.

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