May 26, 2012

Family Flag Symbols

This is our family flag! Thanks to my mom who helped by sewing it all together! Although "Joyful Spirits Academy" is our homeschool name, we consider this to be our family flag forever even if by some chance we stop homeschooling (you never know). I think our symbols help gather everything about life and remind us as to why we are here and how special we are.

Stars- Each star represents a member of our family!

Hearts- Each heart represents those in which we should love. #1 The Godhead... our Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost. #2 Ourselves. #3 Our family and friends. #4 EVERYONE!

Bees- This comes from Gordon B. Hinckley's talk and how we should be. We picked the three be's out of the six that we want to focus on as a family. #1 Be True. Be honest with ourselves, others, and with our Heavenly Father by keeping his commandments and being faithful and loyal to the church. #2 Be Grateful. Be happy with all the blessings that we have. #3 Be Prayerful. Always remember to say our prayers and that we are never alone.
For the rest of the be's check out...

Earth- We should love and take care of the Earth by keeping it clean and beautiful and respecting the plants and animals. We should take the time to admire the beauty around us.

Butterfly- As a caterpillar turns into a butterfly we are able to become what we want to be as we follow our dreams and reach our goals.

Happy Face- If we do all these things we will be happy.

Tree- The family tree. The importance of our family in our home and extended family.

I would like to add a very small owl in the tree to represent our school mascot and to remind us to be wise/smart.

About once a week we go over our family flag. The kids caught on quick and loved learning about symbols and making and understanding their own. I love our flag!

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