May 25, 2012

Mommy and Me in May

For the past 7 years (basically since we've had more than two kiddos) we have decided to make it a point to have quality time with each of our kids. I love this tradition. At one time we would each do something with the kids each week, even if it was in our home, just in another room alone, but that got to be too much. Now we've finally found something that really works with our busy schedule! One month it's "Daddy's Month" and he takes each child out for quality time and then the next month it's "Mommy's Month" for me to do the same. There are some months such as December or other busy months in which we do not do it and focus more on family togetherness. Most of our things are free or very cheap. We try not to go overboard and most of the things that would cost a lot of money would be something that we would all want to do together. This month was "Mommy Month" and I had a lot of fun with my four terrific kiddos!

I took Nephi roller skating! It was his first time going and at the beginning he was all over the place but by the time we left he was cruising pretty good! I loved the roller skating we went to because it had a small section divided off just for beginners to practice. So I would teach him in that area and then we would go out to the big rink. It took us 3 songs to go around the big rink the first time, then the last time we were able to go all around the rink in about 2 minutes! This might become our own little thing because we both want to go back again!

I took Noah to buy some marbles and a new NDS game which the total only cost two dollars! We then went to Dairy Queen for ice cream and then went to go look at the airplanes on base. He told me, "You look beautiful." I thought that was so sweet and told him that once he's old enough to date then that is a nice thing to say to the girls he dates. I think it's good to prepare him even at this young age! Only eight more years until he's 16 and dating age and this first eight years went by way too fast! It was fun looking at the planes and reading about them on the plaques. We learned that one was dedicated to soldiers who died from DM AFB and Fort Bragg. We thought it was sad but also pretty neat that we have lived at both places.

Liberty and I went to a play called the "Seussical." The tickets were on sale for 12 dollars a piece which wasn't too bad at all. Liberty loves music and I love Dr. Seuss, so it was a perfect fit! We still sing the songs we learned. It was amazing how they rolled so many Dr. Seuss books into one story and to tell you the truth, the play brought tears to my eyes! We had a great time and I know it's something we will never forget.

Harmony and I went on a picnic breakfast to a park and then painted with water colors. We were able to really talk which was nice. We also saw lots of ducks at the pond which made us giggle at them when they stuck their heads in the water and stuck their butts in the air. We had a great time and thank goodness the weather wasn't too hot when we went!

I can't wait for my next month! July!

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