May 23, 2012

Power of Play #1

I've noticed that most of my posts involve pictures! I like that! It's like a digital scrapbook, so even while I'm not scrapbooking, I'm somewhat doing it online! Anyway, I LOVE taking pictures of my kids hard at play. Yes, PLAY! It's my favorite thing to capture on camera. I'm a huge advocate for playing. Even as I type this now the kids are busy playing "store." So our living room is filled with items all over the couches and table that you would buy at the store and they are using pillow cases for bags. I absolutely love it with all my heart. This is why I don't allow television or video games 4 days out of the week and purposefully plan our busy days on the video game days. ;) These are my favorite pictures of the power of play this week. Just look at their faces, you can see their minds at work and their little hearts so innocent. It is amazing!

Science Projects Galore! Using a "recipe" of science from a library book.

Figure Skating... In the living room... On blankets.

Headstands! Nephi is always coming up with "cool moves" for his break dancing.

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