May 04, 2012

Learning: Puppet Show, Tambourine Math and Book Reports

In our "classroom" this week the kids put on a puppet show, made up a math song using a tambourine and one of them received their book report reward.

Puppet Show

We have been reading the "Wright on Time" series which is about a homeschooling family that travels to each of the 50 states. It's a great way for the kids to learn geography, social studies and most of the time science. The first book was set in Arizona and the family learned about caves, the second book was set in Utah and the family learned about paleontology. We have visited a cave and a dinosaur museum. After the first book the kids put on a play and this time they put on a puppet show. They learned about landscapes and landforms while making the background, learned about characteristics of the characters by making the puppets and reading comprehension while putting together the script as well as art and drawing. They had a fun time planning, preparing and performing their puppet show to their father. I also videotaped it. I love reading this series because we are able to learn all different subjects at once. It's basically like a unit study.

Tambourine Math

At our homeschool group we have what is called a "free box." Anything that anyone doesn't want is placed into the box and is free to a good home. This week we found a tambourine! We are a very musical family so we had the perfect home for it! We have learned "tricks" for addition facts such as doubles, doubles plus one, the 9 trick, the 10 trick, adding two's and of course plus one and plus zero. There are 10 other facts that do not go into any of these trick categories and basically need to be memorized. So, we decided to make a song for them using our tambourine! Making the song together was very fun and I was reassured that my kids in fact do have rhythm and rhyme! They all took turns shaking the tambourine which helped with memorization. This is what we came up with...

The number 6 facts are in a high voice while shaking the tambourine against your other hand or lap
6+8=14 equals fourteen
6+4=10 equals ten
6+3=9 equals nine
And these are the sixes of mine!

The number 7 facts are in a low voice and holds the notes longer while shaking the tambourine vertically upright
And let's do it again...
And this is the end.

The number 8 facts are fast while shaking the tambourine horizontally upright
And eights are mean!

The last addition problem is in a cheer leading chant voice while shaking the tambourine overhead
And don't for-get
3 + 5 = 8
And eight is great!

Book Reports

I love book reports! I know someone else who likes them too! Harmony! One of the reasons why I love Tucson is because of the awesome used book, "Bookmans" who rewards children for not only reading but providing book reports! For every 10 reports they turn in, they get $10.00! Harmony was in Heaven! She was able to buy a puzzle, dvd, coloring book and "The Little Bear Treasury" book by Else Minarik. I secretly LOVED that she got the book because it is perfect for her. We read a couple of the stories not too long ago for our Language Arts curriculum. I am very proud of her for accomplishing the goal of making 10 book reports. I do not make it easy for them, since I do have a pretty strict format that they need to follow while writing their report. Here is our format...

Title of Book:
Fiction or Nonfiction:
Main Characters:
Location: Outside, Inside, State, Country, Habitat, ???
Time: Day, Night, Past (if so, what decade or century), Present, Future, ???
Write 10 sentences telling about what the problem was and how it was solved.
I learned ______________ .
Tell if you liked or disliked the book and why.
Draw a picture if you'd like.

And this was our exciting news in our homeschool adventure! Happy Learning!

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