May 18, 2012

Learning: Read Alouds, Breaking Teeth, Letter Sounds

In our homeschool "classroom" this week...

We have been reading the "Wright on Time" series as a family. We usually learn a lot about science and a little about geography in the states and it's all about a homeschooling family who travels! It's very interesting and the kids love it. We just finished our 3rd book which is about Wyoming, geysers and sources of energy. While I read aloud, I allow the kids to do something quietly that does not include a lot of thought such as drawing, painting and puzzles. When we finished we made a list of things we learned and things that happened. I was very impressed with what everyone remembered!

We do a lot of science as we come across it. Noah LOVES science! He happened to find a tooth that someone lost a long time ago (I don't know how this happened). He was amused with what it looked like and he decided he wanted to try and break it with a hammer. He thought he could so he put on his goggles (a rule we have when it comes to breaking things) and he tried to break it and this is what we found out...

Nephi is almost finished with his "letter of the week" curriculum so he knows what a lot of the sounds the letters make. I am a big fan of the Montessori Method which includes a lot of hands-on activities. I bought little objects that match with letters years ago for my daughter Liberty when she was four. They worked really well with Nephi too! He really enjoyed it and even found more letters to use. It kept him busy for a while!

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