May 27, 2012

Family Update: Trampoline Camp, Backyard Swim, Eating Out

Our Family Update for the Week of May 21, 2012

Trampoline Camp! Forget paying for a campsite and putting up a tent! It took a year before the sun burnt a hole into our trampoline's net so we had to remove it. So, we decided to make our trampoline a tent, complete with sheets! We left the top open for star gazing but all the rest was enclosed with different colored sheets blowing in the wind. We all slept on the trampoline together after soda, popcorn, licorice, story telling (we would all take turns adding to a story), star watching and shadow puppets. It was a blast and although we woke up early due to the cold wind, we will never forget this experience. I believe the kids will be doing this off and on by themselves. FUN!

Backyard Swim! It's official that the swimming pools are open now! Since we are trying our hardest to save money, we decided to get some good use out of the swimming pool Nephi got for his birthday last year! The kids had fun just the same and I wasn't embarrassed about sunbathing on the side of the pool in our own backyard. I got a little tanned and the kids practiced holding their breath under the water.

Eating Out! No, not out on the town, but outside! We've been spending a lot of time outside in the evening! It's perfect weather here in Tucson, once the sun goes down. We've been having great luck with the watermelon lately! It's perfect and juicy! We've also been enjoying the typical summer meals like grilled burgers and hotdogs and BBQ chicken and corn on the cob.

We've been pretty busy this week.

Noah had a pack meeting and we are so proud of him for accomplishing everything to achieve his wolf badge and his golden arrow and four silver arrows. He's also working on lots of belt loops at this time. Liberty has been working hard with her therapy and I am always amazed with the exercises her therapists assign her, especially her occupational therapist. She's been doing great! Chris has been working hard with his school work in his psychology degree. I am very proud of him.
Of course there has been lots of playing with the neighborhood kids, especially in sprinklers. We spent this weekend cleaning out the garage and storage and weeding the backyard. It was a big job but it was very productive and I love working with my husband around the house. Noah passed his audiology appointment. He was scheduled one for his passing out episodes he's been having for the past two years. It's nice that his ears aren't a problem, but he passed out right after his appointment which led to an ER visit. We'll be having more and more appointments in the near future and I'm hoping and praying that the doctors can figure out what the problem is.

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