May 28, 2012

Week 7

I am no longer considered extremely obese! Just obese! So I have a ways to go, but hey, this is a big accomplishment for me! I have lost a total of THIRTEEN POUNDS! I am so doing the happy dance right now! WOO HOO!

The Ratings:
1- What happened? Just do it already!
2- I can do a lot better
3- I can do better
4- Doing good, Keep it up!
5- Check! AWESOME! (because I like the word AWESOME)

Watch what I eat (Eat for FUEL)- 4

Watch my servings (1 cup of cereal not 2)- 5

64 oz of Water Daily (I need watered just like a flower!)- 3

1 hour of exercise (at least) M-F- 3

Move More (do more than just sit on my butt)- 3

Family Fitness (hikes and sports) - 2

Take care of myself (hygiene, vitamins, medical)- 5

Calm Down (take it easy = less stress)- 5

ME time! (reading, bubble bath, friends, crafts)- 5

7 hours of sleep (sleep gives you wings, not red bull)- 3

Use time wisely (finding balance to work and play and limiting internet time)- 3

Find my information and motivation (learn and share more)- 3

Read Personal Scriptures Daily (it's the best "meditation" and brightens my day)- 3

Personal Prayer Daily (I am not in it alone and am thankful for my life)- 3

BMI Scale for my height and weight- 39 I am no longer extremely obese!!! Just obese! I have a ways to go!
Thighs- Once a month
Tummy- Once a month
Hips- Once a month
Arms- Once a month
Minutes Exercised- 4 hours
Minutes Moved (family activities, cleaning, other stuff)- 3 hours

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