May 17, 2012

Harmony's Zoo Birthday Party

I have had the pleasure of raising, loving, and caring for a beautiful little girl named Harmony. I love her so much and I'm so happy to be her mommy. Harmony is one of the most creative little girls and she has the most tender heart, yet she is always ready to have fun and not scared to get rowdy. She can be a firecracker and I love that about her. I am very proud of her and I'm loving this blessing of watching her grow and learn every day.
I love you Harmony! So much!

Harmony who is now seven years old wanted a zoo birthday party! So this is what we did!

Balloons with animal sounds written on them such as "grrrr" and "rooooar" and etc.
Zoo animal centerpiece with little animal figurines
Happy Birthday streamer inside and balloon streamer outside
Pictures of zoo animals posted all around the living room walls from coloring book pages

Goodie Bags:
I just used gallon sized ziploc bags and filled them up with a bag of animal crackers, zoo animal silly bands, butterfly clips, little plastic animal squirters and an animal puzzle.

We ordered pizza but the kids also had a side of bananas and carrots so they did get a veggie and fruit through the games played, as you will see below.

Like always, the birthday kiddo helped me make their own cake. They just don't get to see the decoration topper until it's time to blow out the candles! This time I used animal stickers as toppers for the cupcakes!

Entertainment (Games and Craft):
I picked a game for each of her favorite animals and she has a lot of favorite animals!

Tiger Hats! I got the hats from the dollar store and had the kids paint them black and orange any way they'd like! We did this first so the hats had enough time to dry during the party.

Lion, Lion, Cheetah! Just like duck duck goose just changing the words around.

Kangaroo Hop! The kids raced by hopping like a kangaroo.

Zebra Streamers! All of the kids wrapped the birthday girl up in black and white streamers, then she broke free. Lots of giggles!

Pin the tail on the Elephant! We used string to pick the tail on a picture of an elephant.

Jaguar Chairs! A little like musical chairs except we kept the same number of chairs as kiddos and taped a jaguar underneath on of the chairs. The music played and the person that picked the chair with the jaguar was "out." Then I put the jaguar on a different chair and we played again until only one person was left.

Monkey Banana! The kids partnered up and had to feed their partner cut up bananas with a fork while blindfolded! This made a lot of belly laughs!

Bob for Carrots, Rabbit! Not apples, but baby carrots! The kids loved this!

Hidden Turtles! I hid a bunch of plastic turtles outside in the dirt.

Lost Giraffe! This was my personal favorite because I believe the messier the better! I filled a cooler with cool whip and flour and had several different little plastic animals in it and one giraffe. It took them a while to find it but they enjoyed getting messy.

Slip'n Penguin! We did this after the flour and cool whip to help the kiddos wash off. It was just free play on the slip'n slide! One girl even rolled in the flour to look like a penguin and then slipped on the slide. It was cute and led the other kiddos to do the same.

And this was our party! I think she had a great time and I loved all her smiles! I wonder what she will pick next year!?

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