June 21, 2012

Burning Fat can be Fun!

So, I've been thinking and I am proud to say that exercise is FUN! Sweating can be fun! I've kinda known this before but then when I gained weight again (and even more than what I had before) I was down in the dumps. Now that I'm starting to slim down I'm back on track with thoughts of "this is actually fun!" However, I am also a thinker that it can't always just be fun there has to be work too. So, I've decided to list the stuff that I think is work and try to do every day and the stuff that I think is fun and try to do weekly.


Jillian kicks my butt in her circuit training! Circuit training is a mix of strength and cardio and go back and forth and add lots of ab work-outs! It makes me sweat for sure. My goal is to do this every day but I've only been doing it about four times a week.

My stationary bike monitor! Okay, it's not always work because I can read while I'm on it, but it is work when I jam to the music and really get into it. I try to ride it every night after dinner for some cardio!


Dancing is always fun! Especially church dances! We went to one not too long ago and it was a great time! The wii games or just regular dvd's that provide dance instruction are really fun to me.

I really do love to run, or I should call it jog! I'm on a schedule and hope to jog three times a week! During a good jog/walk it's fun to have good company (well behaved dog is great), good music, good shoes and some joint juice for afterwards (if you have bad knees)!

I love going on charity walks/runs. These pictures are long over-due! I loved going on the Bataan Death March with my husband. We walked for 13 miles up and down hill and in ankle deep sand in memory of those prisoners during WWII. We even got to meet some prisoners of war that were rescued during the mission. This was a very memorable experience.

I LOVE zumba and belly dancing! I got a belly dancing hip scarf for my zumba/belly dancing class that I look forward to every Tuesday!

I LOVE hiking! Here are LOTS of pictures of my hike that I just took last weekend. The beauty just took my breath away. I loved every bit of it. Not to mention that the ladies I went with were wonderful to talk with. Our conversations were very interesting on all kinds of subjects. My favorite part of the hike was when the trail became surrounded with aspen trees. The aspen tree was my grandma's favorite and as a memorial we planted aspen trees at my mom's house. When I saw all of them and watched the breeze make their leaves flutter I could feel my grandma's spirit. It was so overwhelming. I felt peaceful, loved, relieved, and like I was being held in her arms, next to her heart.

Okay, so I haven't done this in a while BUT it is still really fun (TO ME)! Some people don't like it, but I love pilates! The movements work my core which is the main thing that needs work and it combines some yoga which is very relaxing. I hope to include this in my routine again sometime soon!


Although I don't have any pictures right now on this subject, I do include it through-out my blog, especially on our family updates. Anyway, I LOVE spending time with my family especially when we can incorporate exercise. We try to plan something active during Saturday and every other Friday we plan for Active Night. Our favorite things to do as a family are geocaching, family walks, jumping on the trampoline, hiking, and any friendly sports especially baseball, kickball, basketball or dodgeball!

I'm excited to find other fun things along the way! I've also enjoyed kickboxing and swimming in the past and hope to get into yoga sometime this year. I hope to participate in a color run and mud run and even start gardening and tennis with Chris. There is so much stuff out there! I just need to get off my butt and find it!

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