June 23, 2012

Date Ideas

Some of my most favorite memories are those when me and my husband were able to get away from our every day lives and focus on the two of us while doing something very simple or very different. Not too long ago I made a list of dates to have at home. Now, this list is for the regular dates out on the town but with a little bit more adventure and spunk. I hope that through-out our marriage we can experience all of them!

Visit restaurants A-Z. You don't have to do this within one date but can make it an ongoing date.

Go Bird Watching

Tour Open Houses

Donate Blood

Take a tablecloth, silverware and candle to McDonalds to enjoy a "romantic" dinner.

Do chores for 3 different homes such as raking leaves or sweeping the floor.

Shovel snow off someones walk and driveway before they wake-up

Place 10 items from the store into a cart, switch baskets and each of you have to put the items away. Whoever puts the things away first wins.

Go to a planetarium

Tour a factory

Hunt for 4 leaf clovers

Go to a museum, better yet visit all the museums in town through-out your dates

Go to a historical site

Go to an opera

Go to a symphony

Go to a concert

Take an art class

Take a cooking class

Take a karate class

Play a sport together on a team

Watch airplanes

Play camera tag in a store. Try to take as many pictures of each other (duck and hide!) and whoever get's the most pictures wins.

Play Tennis

Go to a gym to participate in a class, work-out, swim, or play racquetball or some other sport.

Plant a tree

Fly a kite

Glue 50 cents to a floor and watch people.

Walk others dogs and bathe them.

Clean up a road, park or highway

Visit someone who is sick

Visit a hospital

Visit a retirement home

Visit a ronald mcdonald house

People watch at an airport or mall

Go to the zoo

Go on a picnic

Visit every park in your town. This may not be done all in one day.

Go to a pet store

Visit an animal shelter

Go to a field of flower to pick some and watch the clouds

Go TPing

Go hiking

Go caving

Go swimming

Play hide and seek in a mall

Play putt putt

Go bowling

Play laser tag

Go paint balling

Go running or train for a 5k/10k/marathon together

Window shop downtown

Play bingo

Go to a circus

Go to a carnival

Go to a festival

Go to the fair

Pick out outfits at goodwill/thrift shop and go eat in the funny outfit

Go to a thrift shop

Go to an antique store

Go fishing then go eat fish at a fish and chips joint if you didn't catch anything

Go canoeing

Buy each other a gift at the dollar store

Pick a certain spot to watch the sunset or sunrise. Make this YOUR spot. Have reunions there and be sure to bring binoculars and doughnuts.

Do laundry at a laundromat

Go to a park for a walk and slides and swings

Put together a parade for your neighborhood

Go to a parade

Volunteer at a homeless shelter

Go to an arcade

Take pictures of every fire hydrant in the neighborhood. Be in the pictures yourselves. Could do this with any object.

Go to a field to tell scary stories then out for pie for a lift me up.

Go to the library to check out books of interest, poetry readings, lectures or any other events that the library offers.

Go to a used book store or barnes and noble for the same.

Go to a book store and each of you read a book or magazine and discuss it.

Go to a flea market.

Go to a farmer's market.

Go to a convenience store with 45 each and try to buy something for the date that could make it fun.

Play pool

Play darts

Go skateboarding

Go ice skating

Go sledding

Go to a race track with cars, horses or dogs

Go bike riding

Go skiing

Go carve initials in a tree

Do a progressive dinner which is appetizer at one restaurant, main course at another and dessert at another.

Go to the movies and sneak into a second one

Go on a nature walk or hike and study the beauty of nature around you

Visit a lake and go jet skiing, fishing, boating, water skiing, tubing

Visit a river or creek and put your feet in

Visit a beach to experience the boardwalk, make sand castles, go swimming

Go to a local play through a high school, college or beginners/professionals

Go to the temple

Go to a hotel for the night

Go to a bread and breakfast for the night

Go to a farm to pick your own food such as pumpkins, grapes, apples, etc.

Go to a photo booth

Go to a comedy show

Go to the rodeo

Go on a hot air balloon ride

Visit a recreation center for a swimming pool, sports such as basketball or racquetball or other classes

Play frisbee

Visit a waterfall

Heart attack someone by putting cut-out hearts on their door filled with nice messages

Go to a craft show

Go to a gun show

Go to a car show

Go to any show that interests you

Go camping

Go get ice cream

Through-out your dates try to go to all different kinds of food such as mexican, itallian, seafood, american, indian, and etc.

If you have a favorite food then visit all the restaurants in your area that offer it so you can find your favorite one. Of course this will take different dates too.

Take a dance class

Go on a ghost tour

Go to a haunted house

Go roller skating

Visit an outside town that is named something romantic (like one of your names, love, beautiful, or etc.)

Visit the capital of your state and find something to do

Take a roadtrip to somewhere you would like to go

Go shooting

Go shopping for clothes, Christmas, Birthdays, or anything for the home.

Go to a cafe for some hot chocolate and a snack, to people watch and have good conversation.

Go to a sports store to get more ideas on what you would like to do together

Go to garage sales

Go to a sporting event such as baseball, basketball, football, hockey either little league, highschool, college or professional

Go geocaching

Go letterboxing

Flip a coin that will tell you to turn right or left... see where you end up. Get lost!

Do a ring and run for someone in need or for a friend. Ring the doorbell and run after putting a gift on their doorstep.

Participate in a community service project such as building a playground or a home.

Go lingerie and perfume/cologne shopping

Visit a botanical garden

Go rock climbing

Go to chuck e. cheeses

Climb a tree

Go golfing

Go horseback riding

Go to a bounce house that has big blown up bouncy things

Go to Lowes or Home Depot to get some things for a home project or to get home project ideas

Get your photographs taken professionally

Go dancing

Go through a drive thru backwards or in reverse

Do a chinese firedrill

Go mudding

Go 4-wheeling

Test drive some cars

Rent a motorcycle

Throw darts on a state or city map and go where the dart goes

Thumb through the phone book and go where your fingers land

Go to a foreign market such as a china town

Go to a spa for a couple's massage

Go to different cultural restaurants and learn the language while you are there.

Take a college class together

Visit a bakery

Visit lover's lane

Visit a street that is named romantic

Hold signs that say "Free Hugs" and deliver the hugs as people need them

People watch at wal-mart

Do something funny in wal-mart

Volunteer somewhere

Visit an aquarium

Go feed ducks at a playground, pond, lake

Go snorkeling

Go scubadiving

Go skydiving

Go swimming with dolphins

Go to an amuseument park

Go to a water park

Go on a cruise

Go on a vacation

Visit a top romantic restaurant in town

Go ice blocking. Get a block of ice and sit on it and slide down a hill.

Go to a mattress shop

Go to a souvenir shop

Go to a group class or get together through www.meetup.com Find a group that offers something you are interested in.

Plan a double date

Plan a grown-up board game night with many couples

Have fun in an elevator by pushing all the buttons, saying funny things, or etc.

Visit a donut shop

Take a ride on the city bus or subway

Visit a cemetary, this is especially nice when you have a loved one there.

Go on a train ride

Go on a hellicopter

Go on a plane, better yet, take flying classes

Take your dog to a dog park or obedience school

Go hunting

Go parasailing

Go rafting

Find an event that is happening in your local newspaper

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