June 03, 2012

Family Update: Dodgeball, Sunshine Breakfast, Hiking

Our family had a wonderful week!
May 28th 2012-June 2nd 2012

One of our favorite family traditions is having a "Friday Family Fun Night." We don't always do it, but most Friday's we do. Chris and I or the four kiddos agree and plan a fun evening. The rule is that it can't cost any money (unless it's a cheap movie from redbox) and every other week has to be an "active" night. We have played baseball, watched movies, played board games, and all sorts of things. This week the kids picked and they chose dodgeball! We took advantage of the base's racquetball court and took our game in there! It was a lot of fun and I loved their idea!

The teams were me, Harmony and Nephi against Chris, Liberty and Noah. Daddy's team won.

Everyone did a great job at throwing and dodging! It was a great game!

A while ago I read a book that forever touched my life. It's called "The mission of motherhood." It mentioned in it that as mothers we need to look at our calling as being of SERVICE to our children. I hadn't thought of it like that. It also mentioned ways that we could show love and appreciation to our children. One of the suggestions was to surprise our family (husband along with kids) with a special breakfast. So, I decided to do just that! The theme for our surprise breakfast was "You are my sunshine." I wanted my family to know that they are my sunshine in my life and make me so very happy each day. I played the song in the background and decorated the area and made a special breakfast before they woke up. I loved waking them up to their surprise, as if it were Christmas. I hope that this did indeed show all of them that I love them all very very very much!

Sweet message hidden underneath their breakfast plates, to read once they are done eating.

Happy face, because they make me happy!

They were surprised! Notice the yellow (sunshiney) hearts hung from the ceiling?


We went to Catalina State Park to go hiking! We went on the 1 mile nature trail they have. Our hopes as a family is to slowly build up our momentum so we can hike for longer periods of time. I'd like to say that hiking has become our family hobby.

Up we go!

Learning about poisonous animals in the desert.

There were stops that showed different footprints of different desert animals. We got to see paw prints of mountain lion, road runner (as shown), javelin, coyote and bobcat.

The beautiful mountain!

Other stuff we've been up to...

Liberty- She got this week off because she didn't have therapy this week, which was a nice break! We've been working a lot on her memory and I have been very happy with what she has remembered through-out the week. She has been working a lot with cutting and pasting all kinds of things and I love watching her create things.

Noah- Went to day camp with his cub scout troop and had a great time! His cub scout leaders are great and the program itself offers so much for a little boy to grow into a young man. I thought it was very sweet that he brought me home little presents and he told Chris that he thought I'd be cooking his favorite dinner because he had been away from me for 9 hours. What a sweetie! I'm hoping that the little thing we did for his bad dreams helps him this coming week and we don't have another nightmare in the middle of the night.

Harmony- As we watched our friends two little girls, Harmony was very happy to help and be a "second mommy." I have a feeling that she will be a wonderful mommy some day!

He is really growing fast, too fast! He's starting to do things for himself like getting his own drink whenever he needs one. He's also been my snuggle monkey as usual.

Chris- After breaking down on the way to take Noah and the other cub scouts to camp, which led us to buy a new vehicle, he has had an eventful week. He's been putting together a softball team with his co-workers and playing a baseball video game during his free time when he's not doing family stuff, work stuff or school stuff. Chris and I have been playing darts in the garage when the kids go to sleep, which is a lot of fun and I'm slowly getting better.

Me- I've been tired this week, which is not like me, especially during our "no homeschool week." I've also been thinking deeply about becoming foster parents. Our prayers have been answered and now we need to look into more things as a husband and wife, but we're feeling really good about our decision and know that if we are accepted into the program that we will be the best parents for a child who needs love and a warm place to stay. I've moved my weigh-in's to Thursdays because I've joined a challenge and that is when they weigh themselves. I'm very excited about it and I'm ready to take my physical activity and exercise up a notch. I'm also excited to get some things done that I included in my "checklist."

I've been cookin'...
Whatever has been on sale! I have like 6 dinners of spaghetti in the kitchen, just waiting to be cooked! But of course we're not going to have spaghetti all week! My marinated pork chops were a big hit this week while the kids informed me that they DON'T like salmon anymore. haha!

I've been reading... A book that I've been reading for a long time. It's taking a while to get through it. It's called "once upon a river" which is about a teenage girl who learns how to live on the river and take care of herself after abandonment, death and sexual assault. I'm also still reading the Old Testament, in Deuteronomy. As a family we've been reading The Book of Mormon and it's been very beneficial and great discussions before bedtime. We're in the book Alma.

We've been watching... I picked up a movie called "The Dead" about zombies and it was completely boring and not scary or even worth watching. All of our shows have ended so we're kinda in a rut. We've been recording American Ninja Warrior and any movies from the t.v. I heard that So you think you can dance is on now, which would be awesome to see! I've still been watching Dr. Phil lately. I go through spurts with him and I happen to be watching him this week.

I'm thankful for...
I'm thankful for the power of fasting and prayer. I know without a doubt that Heavenly Father listens to our prayers and I am so thankful for the Holy Ghost that is able to help us receive answers. I'm also very thankful for my beautiful family and the love that is in our home.

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