June 10, 2012

Family Update: Glowing Bath, Video Games, Geocaching


This idea goes toward pinterest! The kids loved finding glow sticks in their bath for bath time!

Video Games

The kids have been getting into daddy's baseball video game. They cheer him on and they even play too! In this picture they are cheering against him and wrestling around with him. Video games can be family fun too.

Geocache Hunting
Thanks to my mom who found out by her brother, the adventures of geocaching! Our first attempts were in North Carolina about 3 years ago. We decided it's time to get ourselves out there and find some more treasure! We did find 7 treasures out of 7. It was a great time and the kids actually found the treasure this time! Below is also a picture of what we leave when we take out a toy/treasure. So, if you ever see a heart key chain that glows, you know we've been there! We also sign our name as "EHNLNC" meaning Every Home Needs Love Not Cache.

Other stuff we've been up to...

Liberty- I can't express enough gratitude that I have for Liberty's occupational therapist! She is an angel! She has always found a way to make things fun through different seasons and holidays. This coming week she planned a water party for her and Liberty! Liberty has also been into making up stories and cooking. This week was our first cooking lesson and it was a great success! Liberty has now learned how to cook marinated pork chops, corn on the cob (she already knew how) and our new recipe for a mix of mashed and baked potatoes!

Noah- I am totally amazed at the big heart this little boy has! He told me one day that he would like a pet for himself. I told him that it would be fine as long as it was a caged animal and he needed to be responsible for buying the food. He spent all the money that he had on a Betta Fish. That same day he went around the neighborhood and found 8 different families that would like him to pick up dog poop once a week. So, this Friday was his first day at the job and when we were only expecting about $10 (since we were only charging $1 a week), he actually received $38! He then spent his money on tithing, treats for his fish, candy and soda for his brother and sisters and used video games for himself and he still has plenty of money left over. He worked hard and he earned his money. I am very proud of him! He's also been doing his swimming lessons.

Harmony- Our little artist has been hard at work with several different pictures. She told me that she wanted to learn how to play the piano so I've taught her the very simple basics of the right hand. It's been a long time since I've played the piano so I'm hoping I can actually teach her everything she needs. She's also been excelling in her swimming lessons very quickly! She had a great week!

Nephi- All I hear during Nephi's swimming lessons is "Good job Nephi!" His teacher really seems to like him and Nephi, himself seems to LOVE swimming lessons! Through-out the day he asks me over and over how much longer before we leave for swimming. He's also been very busy with his toys inside and outside and every time I turn around he's taking pictures. I posted of some of the pictures he's taken this week, below.

Nephi's Photographs

Chris- We're still playing darts together. Little does he know that we will be taking a dance lesson in our own living room tonight for our at home date night. He has been enjoying racquet ball and basketball with his friends in his spare time. He still enjoys his baseball game as well. Chris took a physical fitness test and actually ended up being the first one done with the run, which is a first for him. He did a great job and that just shows that he can do whatever he puts his mind to! He's also been very busy with his calling in church as a young men adviser. He put together a service project for the young men which helped boost their morale and serve those in need. Chris is a great man and I'm happy to be his wife!

Me- I've been enjoying Zumba every Tuesday! I love my instructor because she does zumba AND bellydancing! I've been focusing a lot on family and homeschool, like I should. I've been enjoying blogging, of course!

I've been cookin'... Nothing outstanding! However, the special dinner that I made with Liberty was a great time and everyone did like the mashed/baked potatoes we made. They were basically chunky mashed potatoes with sour cream and cheese on top.

I've been reading... Finally done with the one book and now I'm onto The Giver (again) and then I'll continue reading the series which I haven't done. I'm also reading the Old Testament myself and The Book of Mormon as a family.

We've been watching... So you think you can dance (as a family), The Vow (movie made me cry and Chris and I had a wonderful kiss at the end... I never want to forget him! ever!), Hell's Kitchen, Ultimate Fighter and American Ninja Warrior. This Friday we also watched The Smurfs as a family which led us to think about being the smurfs for halloween!

I'm thankful for...
The prophet that we have today to help lead us and guide us. I'm also thankful for my husband and all he does for our family. He knows just what to do to make me happy even when I'm having a bad day. I love him so much!

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  1. We need to do a glowing bath like that - how fun!