June 24, 2012

Family Update: Runny Noses, Coughs, Sore Throats


In between the sniffles and snuffles we've been swimming and playing the wii a lot. This cold is slowly going away so I'm thinking by tomorrow we should be great! We've had to miss swimming lessons, activity days, church and a few other things we had planned. Chris is the only one that hasn't caught it. At one time ALL the kids were in my bed snuggled in and watching a movie. Now they are up and about but still coughing here and there.

Liberty has been off and on but she has lost her voice for a long time. She's been enjoying a lot of art projects lately and letter writing to grandma. Looks like her and grandma have become pen pals.

Noah had a hard time here and there but during the times that he wasn't feeling down he did a lot of scout stuff! I am so proud of him for making such great use out of his time and being so involved in the scout program. This is him taking a picture of himself for one of his projects.

When he was feeling down he enjoyed playing video games inbetween naps and having time with daddy.

Harmony has been the worst with this stinker of a cold. She even had a fever. She's doing better but still has a cough here and there. She found a new favorite toy at our next door neighbor's garage sale. A horse! She even wrote on it the name, address and phone number just in case the horse ran away. So cute!

This also included some pretend play with little brother. She was giving horseback riding lessons as a horse.

Nephi has enjoyed this time because he's able to play the Wii a lot more than usual! He's been the least sick so he's actually had a pretty good week.

Chris won a great game with his softball team! He's in the process of doing a lot of work at work but it should start slowing down soon. He's almost done with his two classes that he's been taking for psychology. He's also enjoying watching his college baseball team. They are doing great. Go Hogs!

I'm doing good. I've been getting things together in order to become a foster mom (along with Chris becoming a foster dad). We had our first home visit/consultation and we'll be taking classes in September due to Chris taking some classes for NCO training in the near future. I haven't been feeling 100% so I've been also napping and reading a lot. This week has really just been laid back due to our sickness. I'm hoping it goes away soon!

Other Stuff...

I've been cookin'... whatever is on sale! I was pretty happy with an italian casserole that I made up. It consisted of bow tie noodles, beef, ragu sauce, basil, oregano and mozzarella cheese on the top. It turned out good and the kids ate it all up.

I've been reading... The Book of Mormon as a family. I haven't been doing so good with my Bible reading as I would like to. I finished reading The Curfew which is a horrible read. I didn't like the way it ended. I also read "Three Little Words" which was about a girl in foster care and it was pretty interesting. I'm now reading "The Real Macaw" which is a silly mystery involving animals.

We've been watching... So you think you can dance (as a family), Hell's Kitchen, American Ninja Warrior and our family movie for family fun night was "Finn on the Fly" which was a silly movie about a dog who turned into a person.

I'm thankful for...
My husband's job and the medical insurance it provides. I'm also thankful for all the medications and doctors available to help us when we are sick.

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