June 17, 2012

Family Update: Water Balloon Volleyball, Peter Rabbit Party, Father's Day


Water Balloon Volleyball
For Active Family Fun Night (last Friday was movie night), I knew I wanted to use water balloons. Chris had a brilliant idea to play water balloon volleyball which he recently played with the youth at church.

Peter Rabbit Party!
Party Planner Harmony planned a party in her room!



Daddy reading the book

Board Game based on the book, she made on her own, of course.

Sack Race/Bunny Hop


The reasons why they love him...

Making his gifts- Lots of painting!

His dinner- Steak, Baked Potato, Macaroni and Cheese, Jalepeno Popper Rolls. My first steak! Also had Biscuits and Gravy and Sausage for breakfast!

His presents- Tie Rack (Daddy's love ties us together), World's Best Pop Bucket (filled with dr. pepper pop, pop tarts, push popsicles, bottle pop, pop corn, bubbles to pop and bubble gum to pop), Arkansas Razorback Bed Lamp, Frame of reasons why they love him for his desk at work and a red tie for church.

Liberty- She is still super sweet and loving, of course! She has been enjoying lots of cutting and pasting. She also wrote a book about the tortoise and the hare in her own words. She's still doing her cooking lessons on Friday with me. This week she learned how to make tuna casserole. She knows how to boil noodles by herself completely and now she knows how to make the casserole. She's also been reading her scriptures in the morning (and no, I never told her too).

Noah- He is still picking up dog poop for his Friday job in the neighborhood in order to make food money for his fish and play money. He didn't make as much money this time and a couple families said that they don't need him to come every week. I honestly don't think that they thought he was so serious and determined and responsible enough to do it every week. Boy, are they wrong! He's doing a great job and we're very proud of him. He's also finally found a time for reading again. I guess he needed a break like all of us at times with certain things. He's been doing great.

Harmony- She has been the same artistic, dramatic and fun loving girl! Not only has she planned the Peter Rabbit Party for our family (as her monthly goal) but she has also developed an art class for three neighborhood friends, in which she is the teacher. It used to be something that her and Liberty would do together but now she's including friends which is nice to watch. She has so much fun with art, I hope she never loses it.

Nephi- He is still hard at play! He's really been into his legos lately which is fun to watch. He's also been thinking a lot about his birthday party which is right around the corner. He is still taking swimming lessons. He's also made a friend in the neighborhood (actually he is more like a family friend since everyone likes to play with him) but him and Nephi in particular have really developed a great friendship. His friend even spent the night on Friday (which was the kids first slumber party outside of babysitting reasons). It was very fun for all of them.

Chris- He's been very busy at work and continues to coach his softball team that consists of co-workers. He continues to play basketball with his church friends and has been busy watching sports on the t.v.

Me- I've been busy doing as much research about foster parenting. We've had a prayer answered and we know it's something we need to do. I've been wrapping my mind around that and trying to get some things taken care of. I've also been trying to get things done around the house and have been homeschooling the kids too of course. I still enjoy my zumba mornings and have been exercising daily. This Saturday I went hiking with a couple church friends and it was very nice! I had a wonderful time and I loved looking at the beautiful trees, flowers, plants, animals, landscapes, and everything in between.

Other Stuff...

I've been cookin'... Father's Day involved a lot of cooking. I cooked steak for my first time and I made jalepeno poppers using crecent rolls (from the package). I also made Chris biscuits and gravy for the first time. Grilled Cheese and Soup has been a HUGE hit around here lately. I think it's nice for summer nights, that's for sure!

I've been reading... The Book of Mormon as a family. We are talking about Alma and Amulek right now. The Curfew and The Bible.

We've been watching... So you think you can dance (as a family), Hell's Kitchen, American Ninja Warrior and the movies "The Grey" and "Contraband."

I'm thankful for...
Fathers! My Heavenly Father who developed a plan so I could be here today. My Step-Father who helped raise me. My husband who is a wonderful father to our children.

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