June 02, 2012

Goals for June

Mission of the Month

My Goals for the Month of June!


R.S. Lesson
Visiting Teaching
Attend Temple
Continue FHE
Articles of Faith Visual
Finish Deuteronomy
Start and Finish Joshua
Personal Prayer every day


Keep up with Exercise Schedule
Lose 10 pounds
Read 7 fun books
Pamper myself with at least 3 bubble baths
Start a gratitude journal
Creative writing once a week


Continue 30 day challenge
Plan weekly at home dates for Saturday
Plan a wonderful Father's Day!
Couple's Prayer every night
Plan 2 surprises


Start up Wednesday Walk again
Visit 4 new parks
Go on a "play date"
Participate in 4 library activities
Stretch Liberty Daily
Do something spontaneous and fun
Learn how to french braid Harmony's hair
Go Geocaching again
Go Hiking again
Swimming lessons Harmony, Noah, Nephi M-TH
Cooking lessons with Liberty every Friday
Plan a silly dinner
Go to FC meeting


Organize School Papers
Finish letter of the week with Nephi
Start Sight Words with Nephi
Finish Wright on Time/Science
Continue 50 States
Perfect Addition Facts with Liberty, Noah, Harmony (Faster)
Accomplish Library Reading Program
Start Little House on the Prarie


Keep up with my chore chart/list every day (which means put laundry away!)
Hang up kids collections
Go through girls closets/room
Make Conversation Starter Jar for Dinner
Give Belle a Bath
Organize Filling Cabinet
Update Will
Keep new car clean

Friends/Extended Family

Call Sisters
Call Mom and Dad every Sunday
Write Brother
Call 3 far away friends
Invite a couple/family over for board games
Try to start a babysitting/swapping group


No Eating Out
No Spending Money on Entertainment
Start Couponing
Only spend $100/week for groceries (to stay UNDER our budget)

Blog/Online Activity

Stay off of pinterest and facebook!
Blog at least four times a week for family history and self motivation

1 comment:

  1. I am LOVING the bubble bath idea! So often I am busy doing for others that I forget about "me"! Thanks for reminding me to pamper myself!

    Totally hear you about Pinterest and Facebook! They can be quite addicting! LOL!!

    Thanks for linking up!!!