June 08, 2012

Learning: Bird Eggs, Creative Writing, Solar Energy

Our Homeschool Week of June 4th - June 8th
We really need to fix our printer so we can keep up with our geography and some other things, hopefully it'll be fixed by next week!

Nephi learned about the letter "T." He practiced writing the uppercase and lowercase. We read books that start with the letter T and of course made a T snack which consisted of a peanut butter, honey, banana, Tortilla! He also did a workbook on shapes, animals and did a lot of coloring and playing! He loved studying science with us this week as well.

Language Arts: We've been reading the poems by Jack Prelutsky, which has been very funny. I use those poems as a way to lead the kids into their journal entry that day. They can write about whatever they'd like concerning the poems. One day Harmony decided to write a research paper about kangaroos! Another day I made the kids write in their journals in a different area in the house which made everyone giggle. Noah has been learning about past tense, subject and predicate in a sentence, pronouns and writing paragraphs. Liberty and Harmony have been learning compound words, adding "ing," what to do if you don't know a word while you're reading (4 steps), poems, verbs, and they took a test over those things and other things from the past weeks. Everyone has been big on scripture reading, comic books and writing book reports. I am so impressed with Harmony's reading lately!

Noah picked the closet for his creative writing!

Liberty picked under the table for her creative writing!

Harmony picked the bathtub for her creative writing!

Nephi picked his bed for his creative writing!

Harmony learned about adding ten to a multiple of ten, the 100 number chart, pairs and had a test. She has been catching on very quickly and mastering her addition facts. Liberty and Noah have been learning about fractions and reviewing temperatures and measurements and subtraction. They have also been mastering addition facts.

Science: We had a lot of science this week! The most wonderful kind was even unexpected!

We started researching the things that we learned in our read aloud, "Wright on Time: Wyoming," which was all about sources of energy, geysers and electricity. This is a lot! So, this week we focused on what Arizona uses as a renewable energy source, sunshine and solar panels! We talked in detail about the sun and solar panels and reviewed the difference between renewable energy and fossil fuels. We also touched on electricity and how it's made.

Homemade Board Game Comprehension of the Read Aloud

Field Trip: Solar Panels

Science Experiments: Static Electricity/Heat and Hypothesis/Conclusion with Homemade Solar S'mores and S'mores in the shade which made a yummy snack!

Now for the really fun part!
Harmony found a part of a bird egg outside in our backyard which led us to research bird eggs and nests. Our guess is that it is a screech owl egg according to two different websites.

We went on a field trip to the library to participate in a special event all about birds and ask the desert museum specialists what kind of egg they think it is! She had no clue as to what kind of bird laid the egg which surprised us and we appreciated our own research and the ability to figure things out for ourselves. It's okay that we didn't get an answer to our question BUT we got to see three really cool birds out of it! We saw a barn owl, kestrel falcon and a parrot from Mexico which are all found in the Sonoran Desert. All of this sprouted interest about birds with all of us so next week we will focus more on those beautiful animals!

We loved our homeschool week and can't wait for next week because I have a lot of fun stuff planned!

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