June 30, 2012

Learning: Bird Bones, Little House Meat

JUNE 25th-JUNE 29th

Our main focus this week was on birds and Little House on the Prairie Read Aloud.

Nephi had a great week! We put together the U snack which was Unbaked cookies and the V snack which was a Volcano made out of whip cream, graham cracker and red food dye. He went over writing those letters and even wrote a few sentences. He's been working on his shapes a lot as well as animals in general. We also read a lot of books that started with the letter V and W. I'm looking forward to July where we will be having more focused school time now that he is 5. I'm planning Tuesdays and Thursdays to be "Mommy and Nephi School" where we will do circle time "ish" stuff. Should be lots of fun!

Free Range this week but a lot of art is being planned for the coming weeks and we are excited!

I love read alouds! We have used the Wright on Time series lately and now we are going for something different... Little House on the Prairie series! I love how this time allows all of the kids to be involved with the story and what we're learning. It's a great way for our kids to calm down at the end of the day and I love it. It's even better when it's a good story! I allow the kids to do any activity as long as it doesn't require a lot of thinking, so most of this is arts and crafts such as play doh, coloring, painting and card board puzzles. The cutest thing happened! While I was reading about the past, the story was talking about how meat was killed, cut, prepared and kept. I explained how it was like beef jerky and then we continued reading. Later, when I was done reading, Nephi showed me his Beef Jerky that he made out of play doh. This led us to buy beef jerky at the store for our next reading. It's things like this that make homeschool so awesome! I love it!

Noah learned a lot about the sounds that "ed" makes at the end of different words. He also reviewed how to look words up in the dictionary. He also did a lot of vocabulary lessons and reading comprehension and cursive. He had a very succesful library trip this week so he was happy during silent reading.
The girls learned about homonyms and using language to tell directions. They also reviewed the story of "Little Sparrow" for comprehension. During silent reading they had fun teaching Nephi sounds of the letters and blending words.

We studied New York, North Carolina and North Dakota. New York has lots of buildings and people and the Statue of Liberty. North Carolina was the state that they were all born in and the state has the Smoky Mountains and the Beach. North Dakota has a lot of clay, buffalo and sunflowers.

We continued the number bonds in the math notebooks as a review for addition and subtraction.

All about birds! We read a lot of bird books from the library and learned a lot about birds. We learned that bird's bones are actually hollow and that is why they are so light and most of them are able to fly. Each child picked a bird that they wanted to do a report on. This week they took 5 notes about their bird. The bird name, where they live, what they eat, what they look like and then another fact about whatever they would like. We were able to talk about the difference of fact and opinion and later they learned how to put their notes into sentence form. To study the bones of the birds we have been using the words hollow and solid in our vocabulary regularly. I also used a toilet paper roll to show what hallow meant when nothing was in it and solid when toilet paper was in it.

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