June 22, 2012

Learning: Electricity, Lots of Reading, Sickness

Our Homeschool Week of June 18th- June 22nd

Nephi LOVED his workboxes that we made last week! He loves the activities in it and the freedom to do whatever he wants in each drawer and take breaks as needed. He finished up the letter U except for the snack (we were supposed to do that today). I'm getting very excited for the alphabet party I have planned just around the corner! Then he will be starting to read!

So we talked about static electricity, sources of energy and focused a lot on solar energy. This week we talked about electricity itself. We went over when some of the first electric things were made and who invented them such as the light bulb, computer and television. We made a list of all the things in our home that are electric. We talked about safety around outlets and electric objects. Then we ate lunch in the living room and watched an animated biography on Benjamin Franklin and how he discovered electricity.

Noah reviewed pronouns and did a lot of cursive handwriting.

Liberty and Harmony read their first book to go along with their "Learning Language Arts Through Literature" curriculum. I was amazed at how well they did and how they were able to comprehend everything that was happening in the story. We also reviewed about verbs and adding "ed" to the end of a word.

For Tuesday and Thursday reading, I've decided to read with each child for 30 minutes, outside of their regular lessons to bump up our reading even more during the week. This way they will be reading silently for 30 minutes, do a reading lesson for 30 minutes, read with me for 30 minutes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, read in their bed for about 30 minutes and not to mention our family scripture study every night for about 30 minutes. That's about 2 1/2 hours of reading every day and then of course any reading they do outside of that which happens to be a lot as well. I like being able to just snuggle up with them individually with whatever book they want. We take turns reading pages or chapters, depending on the child. This time they picked out their book but I'm already looking forward to picking out the next books I read with each child, then it will be their pick again. This has been great and they were very excited to start and I have seen a dramatic change already by adding this little tidbit during our week! Reading is a lot more fun when you can read whatever you want AND have that special one-on-one time with each child!
Liberty chose Puss in Boots
Noah chose Star Wars
Harmony chose Honey
Nephi chose Yum Yum (his first sight word book)


Math noteboooking review!


Not anything structured this week, just free range.

We continued our study on the 50 states. We learned about New Jersy and the many chemical and soap factories that they have and how women were able to vote there before anywhere else. We learned about New Mexico and the chilli peppers, Native Americans in the area and the hot air balloon festival that is held there once a year. During our studies we color the state on our map of America, do a couple puzzles out of our workbook that explain the state and then print out the map of the state and draw or paste things on the state that represent it.

We had a great week but wish we weren't all sick on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday! Hopefully we can get rid of the sore throats, fevers, runny noses and coughs soon.

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