June 15, 2012

Learning: Playdoh Science, Notebooking Review, Crafts for Daddy

Our Homeschool Week of June 11th - June 15th

We got the printer fixed! Which means we were able to do a lot of catching up with social studies and reviewing this week!

Preschool: Nephi ended his T study by doing a lapbook filled with pictures that begin with the letter T. He also started his letter U studies. I put together a workbox for him this week and he was pretty excited about it. I wanted to be sure that he had plenty of things to do while I'm busy during lessons with the older kids. I've heard of workboxes before and always thought they were a great idea. It might even be something that I'll do once the kids get a little older or just with Noah since he likes to move along with his studies. We'll see. Here's his workboxes...

His workboxes!

Worksheets and handwriting!
1. Write your name
2. Write the sight word sentence
3. Write numbers 1-10
4. Shapes Worksheets
5. Animal Worksheets

1. Read sight words
2. Put Alphabet in order
3. Match uppercase with lowercase
4. Match small objects with letters

1. Addition Puzzles
2. Shapes Puzzles
3. Shapes Flash Cards
4. Shapes Weaving
5. Addition Flash Cards
6. Tangrams

Language Arts:
We have been doing a lot of writing even outside of our journalling! We've also been reading everywhere at every time of the day to accomplish our reading goals for this summer. We didn't have any language art lessons this week but have been focusing a lot on reading itself. Harmony especially has been reading a lot! I am amazed at how well she reads! She has also been enjoy stories by Beatrix Potter.

Art: We did a lot of art this week, especially on Friday all for Father's Day! I would post pictures but it would ruin the surprise! Let's just say that it was adorable watching them at work and I can't wait to see the look on daddy's face!

We did a lot of math notebooking as a review for number bonds and addition/subtraction! We also put our fractions into use as we made our homemade playdoh (we'll get to that later).

Social Studies:
We talked about Neveda and New Hampshire this week. We focused mainly on where they are located on the map and three main things about each state. Now the kiddos are sure to know that New Hampshire was one of the first 13 colonies, has White Mountain and White Tailed Deer. They also know that Neveda consists of desert, hoover dam and lots of minerals such as gold, silver, mercury and turquoise.

Science: We finished talking about energy sources and put what we learned into our science notebook. We also talked about the layers of the earth and documented it into our notebook as well and put it into practice using playdoh and even talking about bread crust and comparing it to the earth's crust! Which was actually the kids idea! Making the playdoh was a science in itself but it also included math for measuring ingredients. Everyone had fun playing afterward.

This week was a great one! Reviewing is always nice and important and who can resist playdoh?


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    1. It was wonderful! I just posted more pictures if you're interested. I think you commented as I was in the middle of fixing something. I appreciate your comments and enjoy watching your family learn as well. :)

  2. love the science notebooking - that's great (we're tactile over here)