June 26, 2012

Top Ten Questions People Ask Me

Top Ten Tuesday at Many Little Blessings

#1 Question: "Are they all yours?"
Answer: "Yes they are!" SMILE!

#2 Question: "You have your hands full, huh?"
Answer: "Yes, and my heart is too!" SMILE!

#3 Question: "There's no school today?" or "Why aren't the kids in school?"
Answer: "They're homeschooled." While I wonder to myself if they are still stuck in the 50's and why they think it's any of their business...

#4 Question: (Happens when people come in our home) "Do you homeschool?"
Answer: "Yes!" SMILE!

#5 Question: "How do you do it?" and then there's usually some rambling about how they can't stand to be with their kids all day or how they REALLY like their alone time during the day... blah blah blah.
Answer: "It takes a lot of patience but we love it!" While I wonder to myself how that sounds pretty selfish. ::sigh:: Trying my hardest not to judge and reminding myself that everyone is different but still feeling bad for the kids and wondering what their weekend is like.

#6 Question: "Don't you need a degree or a certificate?"
Answer: "It depends on the state. Usually you don't." Trying to SMILE! While I wonder why they think it is that I don't have a degree and wonder if they think I'm not smart enough. Silently giggle to myself...

#7 Question: "What school do they go to?" or "What grade are they in?"
Answer: "We homeschool and it depends on the subject." SMILE!

#8 Question: "What about college?"
Answer: I want to secretly play along but I say "They can go if they want to. Transcripts, GED, Online Diploma are ways that they can still be accepted to college." While I think about gathering an information packet loaded with facts and names of successful homeschoolers to hand to the next person that asks this question so they don't feel like I'm ruining my kids life.

#9 Question: "What about sports or prom?"
Answer: "There are sports through the community and some homeschool groups offer proms and dances." While I wonder to myself why they think that way and roll my eyes about it later that day... I guess they must've been the popular type in highschool. That would explain it.

#10 Question: "Oh! I have some questions for you if you don't mind?" This usually leads to a very intellectual conversation about the rules, curriculum, methods, co-op's, groups and schedule because someone is looking to homeschooling their kids.
Answer: "I don't mind at all!" SMILE! While I think to myself how more and more families are choosing to homeschool their children. These conversations are usually the best because they are interested so they sincerely listen and have very good questions.


  1. I've heard all of those.

  2. I get a lot of these same questions all the time. Love your answers. Sometimes all we can do is smile through it.