June 05, 2012

Top Ten Reasons My Kiddos LOVE Being Homeschooled

Top Ten Tuesday at Many Little Blessings

I'm joining lots of other homeschoolin' families on the web by posting "Top 10's" the next few weeks. This week we were asked WHY our children like being homeschooled. My three oldest kiddos LOVE being homeschooled. They've actually experienced public school before (one of them twice) and so they know for themselves what they like and why. Here is their list and I have posted my list as to why I like homeschooling my kids below (I couldn't help it)!

Liberty's top two reasons (9)

1. "I like being with my family because family is important and I love you and my brothers and sister are my best friends and I get to hang out with Cody and Belle."
2. "If I need help, you help me."

Noah's top two reasons (8)

3. "I actually learn more in homeschool because public school was boring."
4. "There aren't any nasty words."

Harmony's top two reasons (7)

5. "We get to have free write!"
(I let them write whatever they want in their journal most of the time)
6. "We have better food and snacks."

Nephi's top two reasons (4)

7. "I like playing!"
8. "I like going to the library story time and field trips!"

Other things that were mentioned and agreed upon with all the kids:

9. "You teach in a fun way and it's really fun because we can do school wherever and do different things!"

10. "We get to take breaks during the day and month and we get all of December off for Chritmas because we do school all year!"

There were A LOT of reasons! But if we had to narrow it down to only ten, that's them! I was kinda surprised at some of their thoughts but it sure did warm my heart!

My Top Ten Reasons Why I like Homeschooling My Four Kiddos

1. I know what they are learning! This was a huge problem when I have tried putting them in public school before. I want to know what they are learning so I can make sure that they understand and so we can incorporate those lessons in our personal lives. I've only had one teacher out of five that actually provided me with a list of what they were going over that week. Is it really that hard to tell the parents what their own children will be learning the coming week? I guess so.

2. More Time! I don't have to worry about unnecessary HOURS of homework. It makes no sense to send my child away for 6 hours and then take another 1-2 hours of homework. Where does family time, hobby time and play time come in? Our family is much more relaxed and less stressed with homeschooling.

3. Not Excluded and No Bullies! I don't have to worry about Liberty being excluded in the classroom. Not once, but TWICE I've had problems where she was excluded. There is no reason for that. I also don't have to worry about bullying with any of my children. Of course at park day they've had to learn to stick up for themselves (which is good) but I was there to over-see it and I didn't have to worry about a weapon popping out of nowhere!

4. Therapy! We can be applied for physical and occupational therapy in clinics easier when we are homeschooled. If we were going to public school they would only want to use the therapists in the classroom that would basically only teach Liberty "how to get by." I want her to experience more extensive exercises to really work her muscles, and it's easier to get into a clinic if our insurance knows we are homeschooled.

5. We Can Include the Gospel in our Studies. We can start and end with prayer. We can read the scriptures for reading. I can be directed by The Holy Ghost to know how to teach and what to teach my children. We are including our Heavenly Father.

6. My Kids Attitudes! It's not about being popular or having the most awesome thing or clothing item. It's about LEARNING and being KIND to all people. When my kids were going to public school I could see it take over their whole attitude. I'd like to keep their innocence and humility a little longer and really learn rather than focusing on silly things.

7. Social Skills! The kiddos get to learn how to socialize with ALL ages during their church, extra curricular activities, neighborhood kids, homeschool groups and family friends! I personally think they get MORE social time than the average public school child and it DOESN'T interfere with their learning.

8. Learn the way they Can! While I try to make them learn in all different ways, to prepare them for life in general I also teach them in a way that they will understand according to the way they learn. For example, my oldest son likes reading and is a visual person and my oldest daughter is an audiology person and loves to learn through music. While I don't ONLY teach them through their certain techniques, I do include it a lot during our studies or when I see that they may need a little extra help.

9. Learn ANYTHING they WANT! We are able to really take the time to study what it is that really interests them. We do a lot of science for my son, a lot of art for my youngest daughter and a lot of kitchen/cooking for my oldest daughter. I also give them each their own month to pick whatever it is that they would like to learn about such as dinosaurs, wars, a country, whatever interests them at that time. I think it's great because not only do they learn to LOVE learning but it's a way to prepare them for a career in the future and practice their own special skills and talents.

10. Learning is a way of life! I firmly believe that learning is not just sitting at a desk and listening to a teacher, but really just doing the basic things needed every day. My kids have learned how to add up a grocery bill, plan menus, doctor tools from doctor appointments, how a library works, how to clean, what money is, how to pump gas, every day to day thing imaginable. We do seat work too three days out of the week and it has helped them learn the basics too but I have noticed that they really learn through-out our daily lives while we are living.

I'm gonna squeeze one more in there... I enjoy it! I enjoy being with my kids through-out the day, I enjoy teaching and I enjoy learning new things myself! I love it being a homeschool mom and I know I'm doing the right thing for our family!


  1. I'm so glad to be reading your list - nice to hear the perspective from another child that has been to public school before!! My favorite is the "no dirty words" comment - too funny.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

  2. Great idea to put your own reasons in there! Nice list. Thanks for stopping over at my place.

  3. I love your list!! My daughter would probably agree with all of those reasons as well as hers, and honestly, my biggest personal ones are so similar to yours as well.

    I just LIKE it. It's a chance to live our beliefs about everything from faith to education to conservation to good personal financial principles. I can't believe I delegated that to someone else for the first six school years, but I'm just glad we're doing it this way now!