June 19, 2012

Top Ten Reasons We are an Eclectic Homeschool

Top Ten Tuesday at Many Little Blessings

An Eclectic homeschool mixes and matches different methods and parts of a curriculum.

To understand what the different methods are in more detail, you can visit the two sites below...

We are Eclectic because...

1. We have four VERY different children who have different learning styles and needs. We have a special needs who needs extra help reading but is a master at math and learns through hands-on manipulatives and music best. We have a reader who is very curious about everything, especially science and can learn independently. We have an artist, writer and performer. We have one who loves to do his own thing, learn through play, take breaks and learn life skills.

2. I like to be the boss and have the freedom to switch things up here and there depending on the needs of our family and each child's interests at the time.If something isn't working or as kids grow we can change it out and/or try a new method, in which we've had to do a couple times.

3. This is fun and learning should be fun!

4. We like unit studies because it puts a theme into all subjects and involves the whole family but we don't use it all the time.

5. We like ALMOST everything about the Charlotte Mason Method; Scripture Study, Art Study, Music Study, "Living Books," Nature Study and the rule of short time frames of each subject, copy/dictation, the breaks through the day, Journals, the way geography and history is learned/taught, but we don't necessarily like the oral narration and don't always have time for the Music Study or the exact Art Study, which doesn't officially make us a Charlotte Mason Family, but we're pretty darn close!

6. We like the Montessori Method because I firmly believe in teaching the kids independence to do things for themselves and important life skills and most of my kids are hands-on learners, but I feel that my kids need more than what this method offers.

7. We still have a "classroom" and are too "strict" to be unschoolers We also have a schedule because I feel that it is important to have structure. The kids like this because they have experienced public school, so this is their way of still some-what experiencing it at home. However, we only use our classroom on MWF and the kids are free to write in their journals and have silent reading wherever they would like.

8. Classical is too strict for us right now, but I could see us using it during the near future.

9. We like notebooking, lapbooking and work boxes as a review of what we learn.

10. We have an open mind for the most part. We like adventure. One of our newest things to add are going to be adventure boxes! I like being able to add or take away things without worrying if it fits into our method or curriculum.

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  1. We are just branching into notebooking, and I NEED to do unit studies with the kids sometime this next school year.

    I love the idea of adventure boxes. We're slowly becoming more adventuresome! I love it!