June 28, 2012

Week 11

Well, this was a horrible week! I have hurt my leg/ankle so I haven't been riding the bike or doing the Jillian DVD's as much. I think I must have pulled something in the inner and upper area of my right ankle. I've been doing some exercises to try and help it but they don't seem to be working. Only Motrin works. I have been doing the Zumba once a week and I have been jogging/walking three times a week. They are things I enjoy and I couldn't imagine NOT doing them, but I haven't been as motivated or even able to do the other work on top of the fun. It hurts. I also ate out one time this week AND had ice cream. Can you believe that these two things caused me to actually GAIN weight? ugh! I understand that things don't always come easy and it does take work and dedication, I just hope that I can get this ankle feeling better. Until it does, I'm going to be wearing a brace during any exercise and doing some floor work-outs that aren't as hard on the ankle along with more walking than jogging and jumping around with Jillian. I'm gonna find a way to make this work. I'm so disappointed but I have learned from my horrible diet choices and I'm looking forward to new work-out's this next week.

The Ratings:
1- What happened? Just do it already!
2- I can do a lot better
3- I can do better
4- Doing good, Keep it up!
5- Check! AWESOME! (because I like the word AWESOME)

Watch what I eat (Eat for FUEL)- 2

Watch my servings (1 cup of cereal not 2)- 3

64 oz of Water Daily (I need watered just like a flower!)- 3

1 hour of exercise (at least) M-F- 3

Move More (do more than just sit on my butt)- 3

Family Fitness (hikes and sports) - 4

Take care of myself (hygiene, vitamins, medical)- 4

Calm Down (take it easy = less stress)- 5

ME time! (reading, bubble bath, friends, crafts)- 5

7 hours of sleep (sleep gives you wings, not red bull)- 3

Use time wisely (finding balance to work and play and limiting internet time)- 5

Find my information and motivation (learn and share more)- 5

Read Personal Scriptures Daily (it's the best "meditation" and brightens my day)- 5

Personal Prayer Daily (I am not in it alone and am thankful for my life)- 5

Weight- 225- Gained 3 pounds. TOTAL: 14 pounds lost!
BMI Scale for my height and weight- 39 (obese)
Thighs- Once a month
Tummy- Once a month
Hips- Once a month
Arms- Once a month
Minutes Exercised- 4 hours
Minutes Moved (family activities, cleaning, other stuff)- 3 hours

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