June 25, 2012

When Prayers are Answered...

I am not sharing this to boast. I am sharing this in hopes that it might help those in need, to recognize the Holy Ghost and the True Power of Prayer. I hope that one day as my children or grandchildren read this, that they may know that I do have a testimony of my Heavenly Father and Prayer and Revelation. I hope that they too can know the truth for themselves as they exercise their faith.

Prayer is Wonderful
I am so very grateful for the relationship I have with my Heavenly Father. I know that as I live righteously, faithfully, and do my best to follow his commandments and keep my covenants and remember my ordinances in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, that I draw closer to my Savior and my Father in Heaven. I know without a doubt that my Father loves me. I know that He listens to my prayers. He understands my wants, needs, worries, anger, frustration, joy, challenges, and everything in this life. I know that when I take the time to pray I am indeed talking to Him and building a relationship between the two of us. I know that while at times when I have questions, that He does not answer right away but eventually does when the time is right. I also know that there are times when he does answer quickly and I know what He wants me to do. I am so thankful to be able to have this relationship and to be guided in my life through someone who knows me, my life and my plan better than I do. It gives me peace. It strengthens my testimony of prayer, revelation, God, The Father in Heaven, The Holy Ghost and the Gospel itself. I have had two very special times when my prayers have been answered. I would like to share them...

Should I be a Pet Sitter?

When we first moved to Tucson I was excited to start up my pet sitting business here as I did in North Carolina! I was especially excited knowing that I could earn a second income for our family after finding out I was pregnant. I thought this was what I should do. I thought that our family needed the money, in which we really did. Then, I decided to pray about it. I don't know exactly why. I just did. I went to my Heavenly Father telling Him that I thought I should be a pet sitter as I was in North Carolina and to ask what He thought. I did not feel anything. In other words I didn't feel that I should do it. Then that same day when I had prayed, I went about my regular scripture study. During my scripture study I came across a verse that made my heart swell with a feeling of warmth and joy. I came across this special verse without searching for it. It was just scheduled in my next day of study. This is what I read and what answered my prayer fully... " But I have commanded you to bring up your children in light and truth... you shall set in order your own house, for there are many things that are not right in your house... first set in order thy house," in Doctrine and Covenants chapter 93. From that day forth I knew that my heart belongs in the home and I had work that needed to be done. The more I thought about it and planned things with the kids the happier everyone was. Heavenly Father knew what our family needed even though we thought it was something different. He showed us the importance of our lives here on earth and our focus was on our family 100%. I would not have it any other way. Will I always be a stay at home mom who homeschools her four children? I don't know. I do know that it is what my calling is right now in life and I am completely happy with that and I know the Lord is too.

Should we do Foster Care?
The second prayer was answered very recently. I had been having thoughts about adoption and foster care for the past two years. Before I was pregnant with John and miscarried him I thought that our family could possibly adopt two children at some time. Chris and I talked about it here and there but not totally seriously. About 6 months ago the thought of foster care came into my mind. I don't know exactly how it got there. I knew that since our lives do seem pretty easy for the most part, that we should DO something. I wanted to do something to help others and to make a difference while still staying at home and focusing on our children. Our home is filled with an overwhelming sense of joy and love and I couldn't imagine it any better. This is what I have to offer... a home and unconditional love to those in need, especially children. I looked into foster care and if we could actually do it already having four children and being a military family. I found that we could and I got excited. Foster care came to my mind but I didn't REALLY think it would stay there and really touch my heart, but it did. Then, soon after thinking more seriously about it, a teacher in Relief Society brought up that her daughter was training for foster care and her experience working with children. So that's when I knew that this could really be something to look into. That's when Chris and I decided to fast and pray about it. We did the same thing before we joined the military, before we were given the guidance to join the Air Force. So, we went to church for testimony meeting with our hearts open and trying to find our answer. We didn't have to listen very hard, because one of the first testimony's had us in tears as our spirits were touched by the Holy Ghost. This lady shared how she felt blessed to have grown up in a loving family that were members of the church. THAT was our answer. Not to mention that once we told some families in the church that we were going to pursue this new adventure in our lives, that we were told of another family that does it and they recommended an agency. We didn't know why we needed an agency but when we went to an orientation all the different agencies were there including the one that was mentioned. We've had a consultation/home visit since then and are now in the process of getting paper work together and we will start our classes in September. I am thrilled. At the same time I do get nervous and wonder if I will be able to give enough for every child that comes into our home. But as we talk about it as a family I know that everything will work out because we are in fact following the Lord's direction. I know that we have to do this. Now, as I go about my days I am constantly reminded about this new experience that is about to enter our lives (probably by December). As I was reading The Five Love Languages of Children for the second time I came across that children learn from our service we give to others including our hospitality in our homes to our guests. As we were watching The Saturday Morning General Conference this Sunday (we hadn't watched it yet) we had two different speakers that talked about children in need and one even mentioned foster care.
You can find the talks here...
Then, as I was reading the scriptures last night I came across another scripture that reaffirmed everything once again... " He doth execute the judgment of the fatherless and widow and loveth the stranger in giving him food and raiment. Love ye therefore the stranger." Then it goes on to mention the importance of teaching children and more about the fatherless in The Old Testament of Deuteronomy. Once again this was just my regular scripture study and it happened to be the next thing to read as I'm reading The Old Testament. This scripture and all of the many other things that have happened the past few weeks to remind me and open my heart and eyes have my soul filled with joy and excitement for doing what I have been led and asked to do.

Still Praying Every Day...

I have continued to pray more and more through-out this last year, especially, since my testimony in the Gospel has grown. I know that through life I need my Father on my side. I need to have Faith and Trust in Him that He will help guide me through it all. I am not in control of my life, He is. I have been praying for Noah that they may find what causes his fainting. I have been praying for his bad dreams. I have been praying for Chris and his stress at work. I have been praying for Liberty and that we may do what is right concerning her eyes and whether or not she should have surgery. I have been praying that I may lose weight and become healthier. I have been praying that I can teach my children in a way that they can understand and remember and that I will teach them those things that are most important for their lives. I have been praying that I can have the strength to over-come this one year anniversary of the miscarriage of John. I have been praying that our home can be a safe haven and filled with love. I have been praying that all of my children will feel loved and that I can show them in a way that they will know. And that is not it. I pray for thanks in everything that I have been given, because I want my Father in Heaven to know that I am so very thankful from the bottom of my heart, for everything that He has given to me. I pray to give thanks for our home, our food, our marriage, our children, our love for one another, for my brother's fight and conquering cancer, for the growing and strengthening of Liberty's body and abilities in over-coming the challenges of her stroke, for the freedom in our country, for the answers to my prayers, for homeschool, for our family, for our friends, for our callings, for my testimony, for the Savior and His example, for the atonement, for resurrection, for the plan of salvation, for the scriptures, for the prophet, for prayer, for our pets, and the list goes on...

Prayers are Heard and at the right time, they are Answered
These experiences are true. I believe in the many times that Heavenly Father has answered prayers in the past. Many, many scriptures have involved prayer to Heavenly Father. I know that during this time, prayers can still be answered and we are special and loved enough that we can still have things revealed unto us. I know that as I have humbled myself onto The Lord, that great things have happened and I have received answers and been led in a way that is really unexplainable but understandable through Him, above. I am so thankful for the revelation that can happen through prayer, scripture study, listening to the living prophet today and listening to testimonies of others. I know that my Heavenly Father cares about me, listens to me and in times that are right for me and my family He does in fact answer my prayers and gives me direction. When prayers are answered, I feel as though He is right here holding my hand and standing at my side and helping me through my life and guiding me in a way that will make me a better person and fulfill my talents, abilities and make my weaknesses strengths. I know I have to follow through and do what He wants me to do. He is my Father. I am His child. He loves me just as He loves everyone, all of his children. I know he wants to hear what I have to say. He wants me to draw near unto Him. Prayers can be answered and heard, and for this I am very thankful and blessed and I am more than happy to be led by His hand and to do His will.

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