July 14, 2012

Family Update: Colds, 4th of July, Visit with Grandma

We had a wonderful time celebrating America's Birthday and spending time with Grandma and Aunt Kalie. I wish we could've felt better for it all, but we took those wonderful moments and ran with them! The kids were so surprised when grandma showed up and they throughly enjoyed her visit. We had a great week even with the fevers, sore throats, coughs, ear aches, congestion and so on...


Harmony made homemade American flags to hand out to the neighbors.
A couple neighbors even gave her a tip!

The kids had a blast decorating with white whip cream, red strawberries and blue blueberries, one even made an American flag with the food!

Fancy Drinks, Board Games and a Party Dog!

Getting ready to watch the show from our trampoline in our backyard!

Everyone was pooped after the show, except Noah. So he stayed up and watched an animation show about the presidents of the United States before heading to bed.


We took grandma and aunt Kalie to the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum and had a blast on a hot day while learning all about the desert!

Bird Watching by a creek...

One of our favorite things... Hummingbird Aviary! Those amazing creatures are so cute but when they fly around your head it creeps all of us out!

Then another favorite... The Beaver and River Otter!

We visited John's memorial and made sure to decorate his special wall with stickers. We miss you John. It's almost been a year since you became an angel in Heaven. I love you!

I got this idea from pinterest! We painted with ice cubes on a sheet, to make grandma and aunt kalie a picnic blanket to take home!

I know this post was short and sweet. We have been rather busy trying to get rid of this bug that keeps going around in our home. We still enjoyed ourselves during our visits with grandma and the wonderful 4th of July holiday. I just can't wait for everyone to get back to feeling normal again! Vinegar, Lysol, Bleach, Baking Soda, Apple Vinegar, Motrin and "Plenty of Fluids" have become our close friends lately and that is why this family update is so short because other than the two big things, not much has happened!

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