August 21, 2012

Homeschool Adventure Bags

One of our favorite things now in our homeschool is our Adventure Bags! Every 2-3 months the kids get to pick a subject/topic that they would like to study. I then gather lots of books, dvd's, coloring books from Dover, work sheets, homemade flashcards (yes, that takes some time), any hands on activities that I can think of, a list of questions for them to answer, a list of "I spy" that they have to find in their books and anything else I can think of to make it fun, interesting and educational.

Nephi's Adventure Box: Firefighters and Police Officers
His favorite things: Finger Prints Activity and Police Badges

Liberty's Adventure Box: Turtles (yes, that's a friend at the door)
Her favorite things: I Spy Activity (finding certain turtles through-out the book) and Notebook to take notes and draw pictures.

Noah's Adventure Box: Chemistry
His favorite things: Kit of Science Projects (dye, oil, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, corn startch, vaseline and etc.) and Periodic Table Coloring Book

Harmony's Adventure Box: Art
Her favorite things: The art stuff (playdoh, paint, colored pencils, sketch pad and how to draw books) and Famous Illustrators I spy Activity (she finds the name of the illustrator and then on the back of the card draws the picture they drew).

They all got to decorate their own big brown paper bag. This is the bag we're using for now but I hope to use a big canvas bag soon.

The fun they have... Just a peek...

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