September 21, 2012

Week 14

The Ratings:
1- What happened? Just do it already!
2- I can do a lot better
3- I can do better
4- Doing good, Keep it up!
5- Check! AWESOME! (because I like the word AWESOME)

Watch what I eat (Eat for FUEL)- 3

Watch my servings (1 cup of cereal not 2)- 4

64 oz of Water Daily (I need watered just like a flower!)- 3

1 hour of exercise (at least) M-F- 1

Move More (do more than just sit on my butt)- 3

Family Fitness (hikes and sports) -3

Take care of myself (hygiene, vitamins, medical)- 4

Calm Down (take it easy = less stress)- 5

ME time! (reading, bubble bath, friends, crafts)- 5

7 hours of sleep (sleep gives you wings, not red bull)- 5

Use time wisely (finding balance to work and play and limiting internet time)- 4

Find my information and motivation (learn and share more)- 4

Read Personal Scriptures Daily (it's the best "meditation" and brightens my day)- 2

Personal Prayer Daily (I am not in it alone and am thankful for my life)- 2

Weight- 215- Lost 1 pound. TOTAL: 24 pounds lost!
BMI Scale for my height and weight- 37 (obese)
Thighs- Once a month
Tummy- Once a month
Hips- Once a month
Arms- Once a month
Minutes Exercised- 0 hours
Minutes Moved (family activities, cleaning, other stuff)- 4 hours

September 20, 2012

Family Update: Gone Hiking and John's Angel Day

While Chris was taking an NCO class in San Antonio about a month ago, we tried to keep busy as much as we could for the 6 weeks he was gone. Thank goodness it was only 6 weeks and not 7 months in a dangerous area. Anyway, one thing we did was go hiking with some friends. We were very happy to come across WATER! It was a lot of fun.

On August 25th we celebrated the day that John became an angel by going out for breakfast, writing him a letter and sending it up to Heaven inside a balloon, visiting his memorial site, and making an angel food cake. Harmony and Nephi shared their letters with me, the other two didn't, which is fine. Harmony remembered the rainbow we saw last year on August 25th and mentioned it in her letter. Nephi drew a picture of his brother and "the door to heaven" which I have never mentioned to him before. So sweet precious spirits... John, Nephi, Harmony, Noah and Liberty. Oh, how I love my five children!

The next day, on a Sunday, we saw yet, another double rainbow in the same exact spot as the year before. I love my son and my Heavenly Father and Savior, so very much! I can't wait to see them one day...

Power of Play #10

I love capturing my kiddos at play.
I am amazed at what they do on their own free time.

Making a Kid's Club, and yes Belle was accepted as a Member

Making a Hat for Cody

Making Bird Feeders

Learning: Helpers, Fiction/Nonfiction, Art Appreciation

Nephi has been learning about community helpers lately and has been learning specifically about fire fighters and police officers in his adventure bag. Just so happened that the Children's Museum offered a special night to it's members filled with community helper activities. Nephi's favorite part was meeting a fire fighter and asking lots of questions.

The girls are learning the difference between fiction and nonfiction. They each wrote sentences for a fiction picture and a nonfiction picture.

We visited the local art museum. I couldn't take pictures inside but I captured a photo outside and in the little learning area they have for kids. Most of the art in the museum was western, native American and Pioneer based, which goes along with our Little House books. We talked about the kind of art (sculpture, sketch, painting, etc.), we picked our favorite art pieces in each section, we talked about the "feeling" of each piece, the title and when it was made. They all had a great time, even Nephi who is five.

September 18, 2012

Power of Play #9

Letting off steam- Punching bag fun. There's a hole in it now...

Doll House Photography

Playing school and teaching all about animals!

September 17, 2012

Learning: Little House on the Prairie Activities

We finished the first book of the Little House series. It was called Little house in the big woods. It was a wonderful book! We're reading another book from the wright on time series that we used to read, but once we're done (should be this week) then we'll be going back to the Little House series. We all agree that it is much better. As we finished the first book, we did several different activities to try to put ourselves in the shoes of the family that lived so long ago.

Here are some of the things we did... We can't wait to read the next book in the series so we can do even more activities from the past!

We made homemade bread for the first time.

We Made Butter for the first time. Just heavy whipped Cream shaken up in a jar.

We learned a little square dancin'!

We visited an orchard and picked apples and peaches!

Learning: Alphabet Party

W- Watermellon Worms
X- X shaped pretzels
Y- Yellow Pudding
Z- Actually still haven't done it, we were waiting for daddy to get home from his class. It's gonna be a good one!

Nephi with his chicka chicka boom boom book and coconut tree! It's all finished!

The books we read to celebrate the alphabet! Curious George was a big hit!

Letter Hunt

Sidewalk Chalk Writing Fun! Each of the kids were asked to write the whole alphabet and their name.

Bean bag vowel toss. The kiddos had to toss a bean bag on each of the vowels.

Squirt Phonetic Game! The person with the squirt gun would pick a letter and a category such as food or animal. The other people would take turns going in a circle naming a word that started with the letter than was chosen. If they couldn't name something within 10 seconds then they got a squirt in the chest.

Water balloons just for fun!

Nephi's gift was his very own trophy for completing his alphabet, a glow stick because he's "bright" and books to read!

He's very happy and now he's onto reading sight words! He already knows 7 of them! YAY NEPHI!