September 17, 2012

Learning: Alphabet Party

W- Watermellon Worms
X- X shaped pretzels
Y- Yellow Pudding
Z- Actually still haven't done it, we were waiting for daddy to get home from his class. It's gonna be a good one!

Nephi with his chicka chicka boom boom book and coconut tree! It's all finished!

The books we read to celebrate the alphabet! Curious George was a big hit!

Letter Hunt

Sidewalk Chalk Writing Fun! Each of the kids were asked to write the whole alphabet and their name.

Bean bag vowel toss. The kiddos had to toss a bean bag on each of the vowels.

Squirt Phonetic Game! The person with the squirt gun would pick a letter and a category such as food or animal. The other people would take turns going in a circle naming a word that started with the letter than was chosen. If they couldn't name something within 10 seconds then they got a squirt in the chest.

Water balloons just for fun!

Nephi's gift was his very own trophy for completing his alphabet, a glow stick because he's "bright" and books to read!

He's very happy and now he's onto reading sight words! He already knows 7 of them! YAY NEPHI!

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