September 17, 2012

Learning: Celebrating the Olympics

Celebrating the Olympics was a lot of fun in our home this year! I know I'm late updating this blog with everything we've done, but I thought sharing late is better than not sharing, right? Anyway, we watched the Olympics as much as we could, and wrote down the gold medalist of every event and all the USA winners for gold, silver and bronze. We looked on the map for each country and talked about the geography. We also memorized the scripture below and had our own exercise chart. I handed our wristbands to encourage exercise and we talked about the importance of fitness and nutrition. Chris talked to the kids about competition. We made olympic ring snacks out of bagels and a torch snack out of ice cream cones, pudding and sprinkles. We also read lots and lots of books on all the different sports. On opening day we played a lot of sports as shown below. We all had a lot of fun!

We had a friendly competition and kept score and time on our own olympic events.
Shooting Darts
Trampoline Gymnastics
Shooting Soccer Goals

We had a fun time learning what each Olympian needs in certain events.
Ice Cube on a Spoon Race- Balance
Pillow Fight- Speed
Jumping Jacks Competition- Stamina
Thumb War- Skill
Arm Wrestling- Strength

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