September 20, 2012

Learning: Helpers, Fiction/Nonfiction, Art Appreciation

Nephi has been learning about community helpers lately and has been learning specifically about fire fighters and police officers in his adventure bag. Just so happened that the Children's Museum offered a special night to it's members filled with community helper activities. Nephi's favorite part was meeting a fire fighter and asking lots of questions.

The girls are learning the difference between fiction and nonfiction. They each wrote sentences for a fiction picture and a nonfiction picture.

We visited the local art museum. I couldn't take pictures inside but I captured a photo outside and in the little learning area they have for kids. Most of the art in the museum was western, native American and Pioneer based, which goes along with our Little House books. We talked about the kind of art (sculpture, sketch, painting, etc.), we picked our favorite art pieces in each section, we talked about the "feeling" of each piece, the title and when it was made. They all had a great time, even Nephi who is five.

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