October 25, 2012

Family Update: Pioneer Day, General Conference, Mommy and Me Time

We celebrated Pioneer Day a couple months ago as a family by watching a movie called 13 Miracles and trying to put ourselves in the shoes of the Mormon Pioneers, our ancestors. As a church in Arizona we celebrated a few weeks ago with food, music from the children, games, and conversation! It was a great time!

We watched General Conference... a time when all members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints gather together to hear the words of our prophet (president of the church). We try to make it as fun as possible as we watch the broadcast on television. We make a tent, have candy, take notes, have special snacks and meals and even some worksheets of fun puzzles to fill out and even cut-out ties to color the same as the speaker's ties.

For my "mommy month" I took Harmony and Nephi roller skating with me! It was a bit harder teaching two at the same time, but we had a lot of fun! I also took Liberty and Noah to the movies to see Chimpanzee! It was such a great movie!

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