October 04, 2012

Family Update: Sundae Bar, Lights Out, Word World Party

I love how my husband has a spontaneous spark in him! He told me "go get some stuff to make sundaes, I think the kids will like it!" I have a feeling that he knew HE would like it. hahaha! No, I thought it was a lovely idea so I got three different kinds of syrups, candy toppings, sprinkles, nuts, whip cream, and of course brownies! The kids got right in there and made some pretty big sundaes! Everyone liked it! Great idea daddy!

The thing about living in Arizona now, is we get to experience the "monsoon season." During this time in the summer, there are lots of electric outages. So, what does our family do during the time there's no electricity? Well, we play hide and seek in the dark and play spoons by flashlight! Fun Times!

Harmony put together a Word World Party! It's a show from PBS kids and it's great for reading. She planned games, puzzles, and even put a compliment inside a balloon for each family member. She amazes me with her talents and her sweet heart.

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