October 04, 2012

Nephi's 5th Birthday!

This way over-due, but it's better than not posting it at all! Nephi had a great 5th birthday and I can't believe our baby is FIVE! Holy Cow! He wanted a scooby-doo party so we surprised him with it when he was least expecting it! I planned mysteries to be solved and everyone tried to figure out WHO kept stealing all of the gang's items such as glasses, scarf and etc. It just happened to be the Pesky Pirate (who was daddy dressed up). It was such a cute party, but our camera wanted to stop working in the middle of it, so I only have a few pictures. As you can see, he also got a gift he really wanted... his own charger for his leapster... yes... that was a gift and he LOVED it! I am so proud of my not so little boy! He is growing so fast and becoming a great little boy! I love you Nephi!

After our party at home we went to Peter Piper Pizza for some pizza and rides and games!

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